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Yann Lechelle, CEO of Scaleway, is shaping what is becoming a leading cloud infrastructure provider with unique European features and values. Previously, he founded and grew a total of 5 tech startups. More recently, as COO, he grew, a leading voice and AI deeptech startup from seed to exit in a trade sale to Nasdaq-listed Sonos. He gives back to the community through contributing as a founding member of France Digitale, HUB France AI (of which he is also a board member), and his work on the GAIA-X project.

Mickael is one of Scaleway's elders. He joined Scaleway 10 years ago as a Network and Security Engineer, he moved up to the position of Network Director and then became VP Network. For the past few months, he has been CTO.

His mission is to analyse the technical possibilities for the development of our projects and to manage their deployment on the basis of the technologies he has recommended.

Albane Bruyas, COO As Chief Operating Officer at Scaleway, Albane is responsible for the global operations of the company. She manages the supply & hardware chain of the 5 data centers, working in a variety of areas from R&D to fleet maintenance and CSR. Previously, Albane rose through the ranks of the luxury sector where she learned rigor and excellence, key values for companies in this market. She demonstrates her skills as an inspirational leader by encouraging others to take action and lever business through giving motivational speeches based on grounded financial information. Respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic partners, and establishing governance boundaries, she leads by example, always doing her best and encouraging others to do the same as a mentor and advisor at Startup Weekend Women, and other events. The philosophy she lives by? A king without entertainment is a man full of misery.

Alexander Guy, Head Of Growth at Scaleway, has been a part of some of the fastest growing startups in France and in Europe. Most recently he worked at Alan and, leading digital marketing and growth efforts. He is also very interested in mental health at work and runs a newsletter called Move Fast and Break People. Very dynamic, he manages his projects and his team with a smile every day. He is recognised by his peers for his ability to help others, but above all for his expertise in digital marketing.

Nour ZERHOUNI joined Scaleway as a Product Owner in the Bare Metal team a few weeks after the lockdown. After graduating in computer science and electronics, she held the position of software engineer where she built APIs and web services. Passionate about collaborating and federating teams, she joined a credit risk company to help drive the development of the company’s main credit-scoring product, before moving to Scaleway. She spends most of her spare time doing sport, reading self improvement books and volunteering at an animal shelter. The philosophy she lives by? Always say yes to new adventures.

Gaspard is Scaleway's Storage & Database VP. With kindness and care, he’s leading the team responsible for the development and maintenance of the Managed Database and storage products. Previously, he spent some time in telecommunications and hard drives acting as Project Manager and Product Line Manager. He joined Scaleway to be part of the future of cloud. His philosophy? Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a single day in your life.

Louis Bouchard, System Software Engineer in the Compute team has been with Scaleway for just over two years. After 20 years in various customer support organizations, and as a self-confessed tech aficionado, he reoriented his career towards development and DevOps activities. Thanks to his expertise, he is now in charge of providing OS images for Scaleway Element’s Instance products. With his team, he also works on integrating the various types of OS and application images used in Scaleway into an integrated ecosystem to empower customers to build solid application images. Louis is highly appreciated for his kindness, his quick sense of humour, his relevant technical insights and his love of the French countryside.

Ahmed has an atypical background. A former manager of a transport company, he chose to reorient himself in the computer field late in life.

Thanks to his taste for computers and his knowledge bases in network administration, he was quickly trained in contact with his peers. It is thanks to his tenacity and motivation that he has held the position of Datacenter Technician at Scaleway for 6 years now.

Luiza is part of the Telesales team. Her sparkling personality and professional skills make her an excellent Customer Success Sales Specialist.

After several experiences in customer service centres in Italy and Brazil, she joined Scaleway where she supports and advises our customers every day in the choice of their solution.

Jean-Baptiste is one of our DevOps. Quickly trained in the DevOps methodology at one of his former employers, he integrated Scaleway into the Compute team.

On a daily basis, he works at Maison Lille where he builds (designs) and runs (operates) the applications of our technical base. He is part of the Instances team.


Powered by talented and passionate people working hard on democratizing the cloud, Scaleway, leading alternative European infrastructure and platform as-a-service provider, is a multicultural company, rapidly growing into a global brand. We are present in 160 countries, with more than 350+ employees of 18 nationalities.

We are a cloud computing pioneer delivering the innovative capabilities of modern multi-cloud, covering a full spectrum of services for professionals: public cloud services with Scaleway Elements, private infrastructures and colocation with Scaleway Datacenter and Bare Metal infrastructures with Scaleway Dedibox.

Our organization encourages responsibility, autonomy, commitment and thought leadership from our collaborators. Our premises are open spaces, conducive to exchange and interaction between individuals.

We believe it is our responsibility to be a positive force in society and to collectively design the cloud that makes sense. We want to increase access to the digital and technology industry. As our business scales, the customers we serve are increasingly diverse and global. Giving them an unbeatable experience is central to our business strategy. To better understand our customers and partners, we need a workforce that’s as diverse as they are.

What they are looking for

Firstly, they are not after a specific profile. They mainly recruit applicants who are IT enthusiasts, with inquisitive, ambitious personalities, and who are passionate about the democratization of Cloud.

They won’t necessarily seek candidates with degrees as some of their best tech people are self-trained with broad skills & goals.

The company’s management is transparent and sympathetic, it is, however, important for them to be surrounded by conscientious and competent people.

Good to know

  1. The Maisons are designed to develop creativity!
  2. Every Scaler is equipped with high-end material, and they're trained throughout the year
  3. They encourage responsibility, autonomy, commitment and leadership
  4. They want to work with passionate people who want to make sense of their work
  5. They have faith... in agile methodologies

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