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Rapsodie's mission is to widely promote artist discovery, to bring fans closer to their favorite artists and to allow more artists to live off their music.

Rapsodie has developed the first fantasy record label game, currently focused on rap music. It uses real music industry data to make players compete against each other.

Rapsodie currently runs thanks to 6 passionates people, music and tech lovers, who care about delivering the best possible product. Rapsodie's major musical genre is definitely Rap, and your profile will be highly advantaged if you master the codes and the universe of Rap music.

All team members are based in Paris, which allows them to regularly meet and work together.

They're part of Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab (S7) in Station F !

What they are looking for

At Rapsodie we're committed to build a healthy fast-growing company.  We're looking for people who are

  • passionate about having an impact in the music industry
  • autonomous and not afraid to start from scratch and make choices to move forward
  • communicate and thrive in a team environment, and who can also work remotely and asynchronously
  • bonus: Rap fan because well that's what we do !

Good to know

  • good vibes
  • flexible remote policy
  • Station F desks
  • the best rap playlists in the whole country

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