Rakuten Tech in Europe

Rakuten Tech in Europe

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Cyber Security

Paris, Barcelona, Belfast, Berlin, London, Tallinn

Offices and remote work

Rakuten Tech in Europe is a global organization of 130 people, with a presence in 7 countries and 12 different offices. This opens the opportunity to work from anywhere in Europe. In addition to this, the organization allows for business travel around the world to collaborate with tech divisions in each region.


Rakuten is a Global Innovation Company headquartered in Japan, established in 1997, with a large ecosystem of services. It has more than 70 businesses worldwide, including e-commerce, digital content, fintech, and communications, with 32,000 employees and 1,6 billion members worldwide. Our mission is to empowering people and society through innovation and entrepreneurship.     Within the Rakuten Group, there is a Global Innovation Hub, called Technology Divisions, represented by almost 6,000 people, present in Japan, India, China, America, and Europe.    Rakuten Tech in Europe is the regional organization for the members of the technology divisions based in Europe. This organization provides global platforms to support the businesses in the Rakuten Ecosystem and enhances these global platforms according to the use cases of the businesses, within Europe and worldwide. More than 70% of Rakuten Tech projects in Europe support businesses in Japan, including Rakuten Ichiba, our e-commerce marketplace. Rakuten Tech offers the opportunity to collaborate with all Rakuten's technical teams around the world, and to play a key role in the success and evolution of the group's businesses.        The first global technical team in Europe was created in 2012 and initially had 3 members. Today, Rakuten Tech in Europe represents more than 130 members, present in 7 countries and 12 offices. We are mainly present in France (Paris), Spain (Barcelona), UK (Belfast), Estonia (Tallinn), and Germany (Berlin). We represent a multicultural team, 5 official languages and 3 time zones. We collaborate daily with the teams in Japan. Each person can collaborate with the whole world as English is the common language adopted by Rakuten globally. 

Rakuten Tech in Europe teams work on product/platform development, service delivery/integration and service operations for a range of products/platforms and services covering e-commerce, big data, search, product recommendations, blockchain, data science, business intelligence, information security, user identity management, corporate IT, and data centers and infrastructure. Each team within Rakuten Tech in Europe communicates, collaborates, and creates synergies for the development of the Rakuten Ecosystem. 

What they are looking for

Operating in an innovative technology sector, they are looking for new members:

  • passionate,
  • who like things done well
  • who always want to improve
  • and, above all, who are looking to collaborate with the whole world to continue innovating

Good to know

If you join them, you will be surrounded by an international multicultural team of passionate experts, who are committed to continue to grow and innovate, thanks to these 5 Principles for Success, called “Shugi”, which are reflected in our practices and ways of working:

  • Always Improve, Always Advance
  • Passionately Professional
  • Maximize Customer Satisfaction
  • Hypothesize → Practice → Validate → “Shikumika”
  • Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!

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