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The market of the mobile application development has seen a revolution for some years by becoming accessible to non-developer profiles, thanks to No code & Low code development platforms. More than half of the new mobile applications will be developed through these technologies in the coming years.

A SaaS product to fast create mobile application:

  • Embracing no code and low code approaches
  • Building premium mobile application, Atomic design system based
  • Not simplify a low code platform, but a full solution thanks to the rich Rakuten Ecosystem (Payment, TV, Memberships,...) by one click!
  • Focusing our mobile native development skills for high valuable features
  • Providing an extension toolkit to open our platform to developers to enrich it

We are embracing the state of the art of the technology for our platform and implementing industrial guidelines for our development workflow, quality and security (one of our challenges is to be ISO 270001 certified by the end of 2022)

Through a Domain Driven Design approach, we've built the core of our backend application with Node.js. Deployed using Kubernetes we are offering the scalability and interoperability the business needs. We are using the latest version of the Angular Framework to fulfill our advanced UX/UI requirement.

We follow UX approaches such as Post Up, Affinity Diagram, Storyboarding, Force Raking, etc. by organizing Design Thinking workshops.

Our Mobile App building blocks and all the Mobile App engine are built using React Native framework.

Finally, we relied our development on our Mobile SDK for extensibility purpose. Our vision is to place DATA at the heart of our development for bringing to the end users and ourselves the next generation of Mobile Apps and Mobile App Development methodology.


Rakuten DX is a technical expertise center of the Japanese group Rakuten, based in Montpellier. The company is specialized in mobile applications generation using its own SaaS platform. Thanks to No code & Low code technologies, Rakuten DX delivers App combining quality, design, security and fast conception with the best possible user experience.

Whether it is sport, telephony, or sustainable development, its expertise is focused on ergonomics and design using collaborative design methodologies, as close as possible to the customer’s expectations and to the Rakuten group thanks to a talented team.

A true start-up within a large international group, Rakuten DX solutions combine many services, innovations and technologies from the vast Rakuten ecosystem: e-commerce, Fintech or communication with Rakuten Viber, Rakuten Kobo, and Rakuten TV.

What they are looking for

Rakuten DX is looking for talented people who thrive both in a start-up environment and in a group with an international dimension. Creative, passionate people, true team players convinced that digital technologies help to improve the world.

Good to know

  • A big tech level : enthusiasts people and international projects with the Rakuten group
  • An arcade terminal made "home" by the team
  • Time flexibility : they organize themselves, they reconcile : flexibility comes first
  • Flower power: green office ! And other initiatives.

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