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QuantStack is a team of open-source developers specialized in scientific computing. The team comprises authors and maintainers of major projects such as Jupyter and conda-forge.

QuantStack team members are mostly based in France and Germany, with clients around the world. QuantStack develop software adopted by millions of scientists and engineers in the world, such as Project Jupyter and conda-forge.

What they are looking for

We are looking for various profiles to address challenges ahead of us:

Front-end: We are looking for senior front-end developers experienced in accessibility (WCAG), and collaborative editing.

Package management: We are looking for individuals with a strong background in packaged management, who contributed to projects such as conda, conan, dpkg, rpm, homebrew, or have maintained software packages for linux distributions.

Cloud: DevOps profiles experienced with modern deployment tools (Terraform, Ansible), and who have already deployed services on Kubernetes clusters.

Good to know

  • As a software developer at QuantStack, you will almost exclusively be working on open-source projects adopted at a global scale and developed by an international community. This is a unique occasion to work directly with the authors and maintainers of tools that you already use in your work, to develop expertise in an important software stack, and make your work visible globally.

  • Remote work is the norm at QuantStack. Our team is scattered in France, Germany, Austria, and in the UK. We also have offices in the Paris area for those who prefer coming to work more often and meet their colleagues.

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