Chipiron - Electronics Engineer  >2 years experience – Paris, France
Deeptech @ PSL
Deeptech @ PSL

Chipiron - Electronics Engineer >2 years experience – Paris, France

  • 33, Rue Censier, Paris, 75005
  • Permanent contract 
    Starting date:
    Education: Not specified
    Experience: > 2 years

    Who are they?

    We aim to develop light and transportable MRI machines operating with an ultra-sensitive quantum detection system.

    Our mission is to make MRI accessible to all.

    We started our journey two years ago and just reached our second milestone, a proof-of-concept of an ultra-low field MRI machine powered with an ultra-sensitive detection system.

    We’re a team of fourteen physicists looking for an experienced, hands-on electronics engineer to get things done, helping us obtain clinical images by the end of 2023.

    Our culture
    Collective thinking and decision-making, empowerment.
    Weekly goals set together, complete freedom regarding remote and choice of working hours.
    We’re very cautious about work-life balance and individual needs.

    Deeptech @ PSL
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    Job description

    Contribute to the electronic design and development of analog circuits including RF circuits, PCB schematics, layout plans, wiring drawings, and assembling.

    Digital interface and control of analog circuits (such as data acquisition systems, embedded systems).

    Assemble, configure, repair, and connect electronic systems and devices.

    Debug and characterize complex electronic circuits using standard test and measurement equipment (oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers).

    Work closely with contract manufacturers to create prototypes. Consult and follow up with suppliers of electronic circuits and components based on performance, cost, and lead time criteria.

    Feasibility study and deployability of small projects requiring complex electronic or instrumentation development.

    Building robust shielded cables.

    [Additional] RF circuit design for EMI/EMC

    [Additional] Experience with the grounding of complex devices

    Salary in the upper range of the market, BSPCE, health insurance, meal vouchers.

    Preferred experience

    Ideal candidate* (not determining)*

    Warm knowledge
    Likes to evolve in a very fast-paced and changing environment.
    Risk-taker, likes to take initiatives, anticipation skills.
    Fast learner of new techniques in both software and hardware.
    Enthusiastic and smiling person.

    Bonus: sportspersons, musicians, merrymakers.

    Cold knowledge
    Strong skills in instrumentation

    Ability to think and work across a variety of subject areas with the different teams

    Experience with the design and development of components such as circuit boards

    Experience with embedded and data acquisition systems

    Strong skills in design and experience with computer-aided design software such as Altium, Eagle…

    Experience with electronic simulation tools such as LTspice

    Recruitment process

    Send us your application by mail at

    Tell & send us everything you think is interesting.
    If you catch our attention, the next step will be a technical test.

    Deeptech @ PSL
    Deeptech @ PSL

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