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Jean Moreau is founder and CEO of Phenix, the pioneering French smart food waste management leader. After starting out in banking, he left to solve the problem of food waste.

Jean started his career as a banker in mergers and acquisitions. It’s a job with a lot of advantages, but he often felt something was missing. Increasingly he wanted to do something that had a positive social and environmental impact. He began to realize what a problem food waste is and launched the French start-up Phenix.

His vision is to use technology for good to solve the problem of wasted, unsold food produce and products.

Following a qualification as an Information Systems engineer, Thierry worked for 7 years on behalf of an IT services vendor on numerous projects. He therefore managed to develop his expertise regarding the entire stack .Net in a range of sectors. As the years passed, Thierry felt his work lacked deeper meaning. 

Naturally, Thierry therefore joined the dev team at Phoenix in September 2019, and now applies his expertise to this company. A developer with a big heart, his daily task is to simplify, optimize and develop the donations of unsold foodstuffs to charity organisations throughout France!

After moving to Paris from Marseille to complete business school, Jeanne immediately realised that the inflexibility of larger companies was not made for her and therefore naturally set her sights on the start-up experience. 🚀

After 3 years spent in Operations at Stuart, a final mile delivery start-up, she left in search of a more impactful project. A geek at heart, yet also full of entrepreneurial spirit, she found what she was looking for at Phoenix where she launched a new service – a mobile app to reduce wastage. Since 2018, she has piloted this entrepreneurial project when it comes to its sales aspects as well as product management; and she truly wishes to turn the Phoenix app into a must for all smartphone users in France!

Armed with a devastating sense of humour and a sturdy experience in BtoB activities, Alexandre joined Phoenix in 2017, to add more meaning to his professional life. Initially Head of the Central France division in Tours, Alexandre managed teams in charge of anti-waste projects and developed solutions to help Phoenix reduce wastage in the whole of this French region. In 2020, he joined the Sales Division at Phoenix to occupy the position of Head of Large accounts for Major Retail... without aver losing his cheeky grin!

Following a work-study in sales management in a subsidiary of the SUEZ group, Baptiste wanted to use his first sales skills in an impactful and fast-growing company. He joined Phenix in 2019 as SDR (Sales Development Representative) and was involved in the creation of the division to support Phenix's commercial activity. His job? To convince shop managers in less than 2 minutes that Phenix can enable them to achieve zero food waste while generating significant savings. In 2021, the team grew and Baptiste became a team leader, the perfect position if you like sales and management. In addition to managing his client portfolio, he also manages and coaches a team of SDRs.

After a double Masters, in Finance and Social Economics, Amélie was looking for a company that could make a real difference in the field of the environment, to make a genuine and useful contribution to society.

After two years of experience working for a bank, she shifted her interest towards the solidarity economy. At first, she was able to discover projects in the social field and especially a scheme to fight substandard housing in the greater Paris region, until she made that move and joined Phoenix to take part in the creation of a more sustainable world geared towards a combination of the social and the environmental. Who could ask for more?

After 5 years at BlaBlaCar and a pass through the Air France Start-up Studio, Theiss left the mobility industry and set down his luggage at Phenix, to fight against food waste. Inspired by the values and entrepreneurial spirit of Phenix, he joined the startup's Tech team in 2020. His mission: to orchestrate the development of a complete product suite to support distributors, industrialists, charities and consumers towards zero Waste.

With a Master's degree in negotiation and project management in hand, Solène left to work in South-East Asia for 6 months, to discover the world of B2B and the challenges of business development. On her return to France, she wanted to work for a company with an impact that was socially and sustainably oriented. It is quite natural that she chose Phenix and its mobile application. Since September 2020, she has been installing the application in local shops in the Pays de la Loire region, raising awareness of food waste. What a good reason to get up in the morning!

After exciting literature translation studies, but sometimes far from job market opportunities, Edwige quickly sought to give more sense to her skills in an impactful company. As a real chameleon, she did civic service then experienced for 5 years several translating missions such as subtitling for the deaf people. Each time, this feeling of being able to act only halfway came back, she wished for more impact ! That is when she discovered Phenix, more than two years ago, with a job where she can finally put her foreign language skills to work on a project with impact. She now manages the Customer Support Agent team made up of 8 phenicians. And this time, she is sure, she really feels useful !

After several years in large corporations in the Pharma industry, Amaury decided to make a shift and join Phenix. He knows what he wants: to put his energy in a flexible company that works at human scale, concerned with both its environmental and social impact. With a pronounced taste for business development and entrepreneurship, he joined Phenix at the beginning of 2021. His mission? The conquest of Belgium! To do this, he has to recruit a sales and marketing team, find the first customers, and build a strong brand in Belgium... He has a lot on his plate! But Amaury can count on his team and those at headquarters in Paris to knock out waste in Belgium!

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Are you a hummingbird... or more of a Phenix?

At Phenix, there is no beating about the bush – the company has lofty ambitions. Bringing food to those in need, eradicating food waste, saving the planet... It is not boastful to say that for these European champions in the fight against waste, the is still a lot to cover!

What are Phenix super-powers?

  • 💪 Impact: like a go-between connecting companies, charities and ordinary citizens, Phenix has already saved 140 million meals.
  • 💛 A heart of gold: by giving products left unsold in stores to the most vulnerable, Phenix is actively fighting waste AND deprivation.
  • 🐝 Tech For Good: by turning tech tools into a force for the common good, Phenix has proved that it is possible for a company to make the world a better place. At Phenix, they are very proud to have been granted the titles of B-Corp and ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d'Utilité Sociale or Solidarity Based Enterprise of Social Utility). Vive la France!

What they are looking for

At Phenix, they are interested in people from all walks of life: those with PhDs in foreign languages, young people straight out of engineering college or business school, the self-taught, intrapreneurs… Yet they all have one thing in common - a wish to contribute their knowledge to further a social and environmental cause whilst maintaining a firmly positive outlook.

  • 🌍 Phenix is looking for citizens with a strong commitment, from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, who would also like to take part in improving our world.
  • 🙏 Phenicians are attached to a culture of honesty and benevolence. Can they trust each other? Then they can work arm in arm, with nothing to hide!
  • 🦄 To change the world, you must be a little reckless. And luckily for them, the Phenicians are not afraid of taking risks! At Phenix, they are accountable and learn from their mistakes... The most important is knowing how to bounce back!

Good to know

At Phenix, they grant a huge amount of importance to wellbeing in the workplace so that each of them can thrive in an inclusive environment.

  • 🌴 They know how to unplug! The life-work balance means something to them, and this includes the possibility of working 3 days a week from home.
  • 🔥 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Whether it’s a drink after work, bonding during seminars or meeting up for barter night, Phenicians love spending time together and have a good time at every opportunity.
  • 🤗 Phenix is a company with a strong social commitment, as you may have guessed. This is also true internally, as Phenicians are allotted ½ a day per month of volunteer work in one of the 1500 partner organisations Phenix works with. Phenix has signed the Parental Act (15 extra days of paid leave for the second parent!) and offers employees 3 day’s leave a year for family help. So as to encourage greener mobility, Phenix also reimburses 100% of all travelcards between work and the place of residence.

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