Senior Strategic Partner Manager H/F

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
A few days at home
Skills & expertise
Portfolio management
Quality control
Project management


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Questions and answers about the job

The position

Job description

What does a Senior Strategic Partner Manager at PerfectStay entail?

The Senior Strategic Partner Manager is responsible for developing strong and lasting relationships and driving revenue objectives with a diverse portfolio of partners.

The best descriptors for this exciting position might be “orchestra conductor” or “Swiss Army knife”: It is diverse, central to the organization, and certainly not routine! There is a real entrepreneurial dimension to this role.

Your daily role :

·       Build a strong working relationship with each partner with an aim to inspire our end customer and grow revenue.

·       Build a strong working relationship with internal support teams such as tech and product supply

·       Manage a portfolio of 5+ accounts worth over 1 million Euros

·       Analyzing partners’ needs and making proposals on strategy and measures to be taken to develop growth.

·       Coordinate e-commerce projects linked to partnership development

·       Performance reporting and analysis

·       Regular comparative and competitive analysis of new developments in the travel sector

·       Quality control of end-customer services and search for innovative solutions

·       Supporting the integration of new partners

·       Management of team accounts during respective vacations

Your strengths to thrive in this job

·       Excellent interpersonal skills for productive negotiations;

·       Marie Kondo-like organization to dedicate time to strategic projects while ensuring the daily management of the business plan;

·       Have a proactive mindset, take the initiative and make decisions to help grow each account;

·       Be a team player willing to support and step in for other team members as necessary;

·       E-commerce expertise to effectively coordinate the subject matter experts on the team;

·       Ability to manage complex projects to support partnership development;

·       A keen sense of entrepreneurship to manage a multitude of tasks with enthusiasm and initiative;

·       Ease of data analysis in order to make relevant recommendations and build efficient action plans;

·       Perfect mastery in English and French to interact with anybody in and out the organization;

·       High adaptability to support PerfectStay’s development and grow with us;

·       Flexibility, outgoing and creativity.

Preferred experience

Your background

  • 5+ years of experience in a similar role

  • E-commerce experience

  • A salesman’s/saleswoman’s soul

  • A Master’s degree from a business school

  • Bonus : Experience in online travel and/or flash sales

Recruitment process

Hiring Process

First Step: HR interview and reference check

Second Step: Interview with an Account Director

Third Step: Business Case and debriefing with our CBO & CPO

Final Step: Interview with our CEO & Chairman

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