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PEKAT company started in 2016 as a group of talented developers who wanted to bring something new to the world of AI. Since then, the number of team members as well as customers has grown and PEKAT turned into successful, globally recognized company. Attention of the company is mainly aimed at PEKAT VISION software – main product, which has been constantly improved and modernized. Based on an anomaly detection algorithm, software provides solutions for automated visual inspection and quality assurance in manufacturing and industrial applications. All team members work closely together, there is enough space for sharing ideas and opinions leading to a personal growth. PEKAT is also connected with academic field – company is open to work with ambitious students, which could potentially join the team after graduation.

Who Are They Looking For

They are looking for teammates, extraordinary developers, enthusiastic innovators and researchers thinking out-of-the-box. They are looking for people who like to work in an inspiring environment where fresh ideas are welcome and make an impact. They like to push the boundaries and create an extraordinary product which makes our customers happy. They are looking for people who like to influence the direction of product and company development.

Good to know

Team of PEKAT consists of young people, who gladly meet even after the work time. Good relations and unity are important, company values things like teambuilding events, satisfaction and personal opinion of employees. Company has a unique location - right on the Faculty of Informatics, together with other companies PEKAT form a high-quality and innovative science centre. There is also an opportunity to work from home – this helped especially in corona times.

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