Specialised Engineering

Massy, Amsterdam, Fontenay-Sous-Bois

Our Team

I saw the company moving from a small team of a couple of people to now a scale-up with more than 150 employee. I think that today we have the potential to build for the first time a european champion in the digital sector. I think that today we have a unique opportunity to impact the development of our planet : by the applications of quantum processors by themselves helping us fighting the climate change but also by the tool himself because a quatum computer is very low energy intensive.

At Pasqal, they are colleagues from all over the world, from other countries. In my team, 8 people from 6 countries and I think it's bring a lot of values to Pasqal beacuse everyone brings a unique perspective on a project

I wanted to do something that was really of interest the world I know right now, something useful. This is exactly what we're doing here at Pasqal , I see exactly why I'm doing things, when they're used, what is the goal and it's something really cool in physics

Pasqal is a fast growing start-up building many products so I have to evolve my team to fit this evolution, I opened positions for back end, front end and devops and I hired many engineers so I have a team of 15 people

We're looking for all types of candidates, what matters most is the personality. We're looking for people who are work driven, motivated and who match our DNA. It doesn't actually matter if people know about quantum or not. What matters is that the person is willing to learn