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Flight Operations Customer Support Engineer - VIE

Job summary
International Corporate Volunteer Program(24 months)
Hong Kong
Salary: Not specified
Occasional remote
Experience: > 6 months
Education: Master's Degree
Skills & expertise
Aircraft systems
Communication skills
Customer service
Operational efficiency
Problem-solving skills


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The position

Job description

🔎Context of the role:

Are you an aviation enthusiast with airline experience?

Within the Customer Experience you will participate in the OpenAirlines project, in the realization of our various applications marketed in SaaS, you will have the opportunity to embrace the great challenge of making aviation more fuel efficient and greener.

You will be based in Hong-Kong.

You will be responsible for providing support to our worldwide customers: the airlines in order to help them reducing their CO2 emissions by using our SkyBreathe plateform.

You will be in contact with airlines’ flight operations engineers and pilots from more than 60 airlines (for example, Air France, TAP Air Portugal, Philippine Airlines, Indigo, …).

If you are passionate about flight operations, if you like helping people, teaching them how to better use our products, investigating real flight data, understanding Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) in order to better configure our products, and if you want to evolve in a dynamic environment, this job opportunity is for you.

You will work within the Customer Experience team whose mission is to ensure customers are adopting our solutions, are really satisfied and are getting concrete value from our products by reducing their CO2 emissions.

As part of the Customer Support team, your mission will be to provide high quality support to all of our customers and ensure that customers’ satisfaction remains high.

You will also work closely with the Product and Engineering teams to share customers’ feedback and ideas for new features enhancing our products.

By joining us, you will directly help airlines to reduce their CO2 emissions.

🏋️‍♂️Activities & Responsibilities:

  • Supporting customers regarding the usage of the software SkyBreathe.

  • Monitoring of airlines’ data integration and data quality.

  • Investigating issues in airlines’ flight data and operational data.

  • Enriching the knowledge-based articles to make our customers more autonomous.

  • Regularly reporting to the Customer Success, the Product, and the Engineering teams about ongoing issues and product evolution demands.

  • Submitting proposals to ease daily support and reduce support workload.

  • Responsible for the customers’ satisfaction regarding support.

Preferred experience

We’re looking for talented, enthusiastic, open-minded, innovative, committed people who enjoy a challenge and want to contribute to the development of solutions that revolutionise the aviation sector thanks to advanced technologies and a rigorous approach.🌍

  • True desire to help customers.

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English.

  • Efficiency-oriented.

  • Knowledge of aeronautical or flight data.

  • Holder of a Master of Science degree.

  • You have a strong interest in Aeronautics, Civil Aviation, Airline Operations.

Recruitment process

✨ Salary & Conditions :

💶 Salary: The VIE allowance depends on the salary scale set by a decree.

By joining OpenAirlines you will:

🌱 Play a part in creating a more sustainable aviation industry.
🌴Change your work environment 3 weeks per year with our “work from everywhere” policy.
🧠Grow your potential by participating in conferences, events (DevFest, French Tech…), online courses (Coursera & Udemy), FedEx Day: 24 hours of team innovation, or internal promotion.
🤟Enjoy unique team building activities.
🦸‍♀️ Be welcomed by a buddy to ensure a smooth transition into our working environment.

✏️Our hiring process:

  1. Introduction call: Our Recruiter will tell you more about OpenAirlines, and get to know you better, your background, and your interests.

  2. Technical interview: During this step we want to get deeper into your technical knowledge, during a meeting with a member of the team.

  3. Final step: Final interview with the manager : Thomas and the HR: Vérane.

*To close, our recruitment process: your interviewers will make a decision together regarding your application during the “Debrief meeting”.

We’ll do our best to give you an answer and constructive feedback quickly.*

At OpenAirlines, inclusivity and diversity are our priorities. We hire talents with their own differences and personality.

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