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Data Scientist (LLM) - Internship

Internship(5 to 6 months)
Salary: Not specified
Occasional remote
Experience: < 6 months
Education: Master's Degree


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The position

Job description

🔎Context of the role:

Airlines miss a lot of CO2 savings opportunities because they are not always aware of them. OpenAirlines has developed software solutions featuring thousands of metrics dedicated to fuel efficiency.

Within the Science team, you will participate to develop innovative solutions utilizing Large Language Models tailored to our specific use cases, in order to deliver impactful insights to our users streamlining their journey across our solutions.

You will have the opportunity to embrace the great challenge of making aviation more fuel efficient and greener.

As a Data Scientist LLM, you will help Airlines in their opportunities to save more CO2.

🏋️‍♂️Activities & Responsibilities:

  • Conduct a state-of-the-art review and synthesize knowledge on Large Language Models.

  • Apply LLM on OpenAirlines use cases to add it to our products.

  • Write an internship report as well as weekly internal presentations.

Preferred experience

We’re looking for talented, enthusiastic, open-minded, innovative, committed people who enjoy a challenge and want to contribute to the development of solutions that revolutionise the aviation sector thanks to advanced technologies and a rigorous approach.🌍

  • Currently completed a master’s degree with a strong Data Science component.

  • Passionate about A.I. and its applications.

  • Great Python development skills.

  • Familiar with cloud platform (GCP, AWS, Azure).

  • Fluent in english.

By joining OpenAirlines, you will:

🌱 Play a part in creating a more sustainable aviation industry.

🏢Work in the Toulouse city centre (Capitole & Alsace Lorraine) and abroad.

🧠Develop your potential by taking part in conferences, events (DevFest, French Tech…), online courses (Coursera & Udemy), FedEx Day: 24 hours of team innovation, or internal promotion.

🤟Take advantage of unique team-building activities.

🍾Celebrate successes with incredible parties and after-work drinks at the local bar every chance you get!

🦸‍♀️ Be welcomed by a buddy to ensure a smooth transition into our working environment.

🐻‍❄️ Have a mascot: Viktor, a 2-metre-high polar bear who watches over us.

Recruitment process

Our hiring process:

  1. Introduction call: with your tutor. He will tell you more about OpenAirlines, and get to know you better, your background, and your interests.

  2. Final interview: During this step we want to get deeper into your technical knowledge, during a meeting with Nicolas, Head of Science, and Hippolyte, Data Scientist.

*To close, our recruitment process: your interviewers will make a decision together regarding your application during the “Debrief meeting”.

We’ll do our best to give you an answer and constructive feedback quickly.*

At OpenAirlines, inclusivity and diversity are our priorities. We hire talents with their own differences and personality.

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