Ontex Digital Factory

Ontex Digital Factory

Connected Objects, E-commerce, Software



Ontex is a leading international producer of personal hygiene solutions in baby, feminine and adult care, distributing in more than 110 countries. With 18 manufacturing bases around the globe, Ontex employs more than 9 000 people and generated sales of € 2 bn in 2021.

In 2018, Ontex created Ontex Digital Factory, a business unit working with a start-up mindset to incubate innovative digital projects. Ontex Digital Factory has since launched several B2B and B2C digital products in different countries: Subscription ecommerce, IoT/Connected Healthcare, Healthcare home delivery, Brand websites.

We favor diversity! Our offices in Levallois (France) welcome talents from all over the world: United States, Indonesia, Congo, China, Tunisia , Morocco, England, Cameroun, Mexico,...

What they are looking for

Ontex Digital Factory is looking for passionate, user-centric people oriented with great team spirit.

In a modern workplace, this is the perfect fit for those who want to contribute to the digital innovation journey of an FMCG company and looking for new challenges. If you like to create Digital Products & Services that make a change in the daily lifes of people and if the user satisfaction is what drives you every day, join the adventure now.

Good to know

A work environment designed for comfort and productivity. Be part of Ontex Digital Factory, it’s:

  • spend time together around a collaborative lunch or an afterwork,
  • having fun by playing a game on the arcade terminal,
  • be unbeatable at the game of finding movies titles thanks to emojis,
  • simply get to know each other better around a coffee (or a tea if it's more your thing) or during internal events.

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