Accounting, Audit, IT / Digital

Hoeilaart, Copenhague, Lyon, Rotterdam

Technologies and tools


    • SQL
    • SoapUI
    • API REST
      API REST


    • freemarker
    • JavaScript

Focus ⚙️

We rock the tech scene with our key tools: JavaScript for NetSuite scripts, Freemarker for stylish templates, SOAP/REST for external system integrations, and PHP to put everything to the test.

Simplifying complexity and keeping things cool is how we roll.

Organization and methodologies

Our dynamic tech team of 9 ensures you have autonomy from day 1, backed by experienced mentors.

We work on Agile methodology, staying connected through chat and quick calls, and coming together weekly to discuss progress and set objectives.

What sets us apart? Regular code reviews. Tech leaders provide valuable feedback, and we share best practices with juniors. We're constantly improving, optimizing code to do more with less.

Projects and tech challenges

1 project

1 project

At Novutech, we go beyond one-size-fits-all scripts. Our tech team aims to build versatile applications that cater to multiple clients. This calls for a solid understanding of business processes. We collaborate with multiple experts to enhance, debug, and ensure reliability, working together on the same project.

Introducing ConnectoBank, a game-changer we developed. It enables seamless integration between companies and their banks, empowering them to import statements and make payments directly within NetSuite. This involved mastering various bank aggregator APIs, certificates, and payment file format. Say goodbye to manual banking hassles and embrace the future with ConnectoBank

Recruitment process

  • Step 1: Dive into the Novutech culture with a 1-hour digital conversation with our HR team. We'll discuss your background, motivations, and expectations. You'll also receive an online personality test.
  • Step 2: Embark on a 1-hour conversation with a Tech Leader. Get answers to your burning questions and gain deeper insights into the role and its challenges. Brace yourself for a technical test. You'll have a time frame of 48 hours to complete it
  • Step 3: Prepare for an hour-long conversation with Novutech's co-founders, Max and Fred. Showcase your skills with a captivating case study and engage in a final Q&A session. It's the ultimate opportunity to make your mark.