Jean-Christophe Baillie started his career in Science at the Sony Computer Science Lab in Paris, and then founded Gostai in 2006, a startup in robotics & AI, which has been acquired by Softbank in 2012.

After two years at Softbank Robotics Europe, where he created the AI Lab, he launched in 2014 Novaquark, developing Dual Universe : an ambitious project about virtual worlds where people will be able to recreate entire civilizations online. Jean-Christophe is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, and received a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Paris 6 University.

Guillaume started studying computer graphics in 2011. Then, at the INRIA, he developed a now patented automated facial animation technique.

After joining Novaquark, he worked extensively on developing the graphics engine for Dual Universe.

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Hello! They are Novaquark, the developers behind Dual Universe, an ambitious sci-fi MMO that features a continuous, single-shard game world shared by every player at once. What sets their game apart is the level at which players can freely modify that shared world to create structures, spaceships, and even entire cities, giving birth to empires and civilizations. Dual Universe focuses on emergent gameplay, and features player-driven economy, politics, trade, and warfare.

Their dream is to create the first-ever true metaverse, a shared digital world where players can live alternate lives among the stars. They’re inspired by books like Ready Player One, and envision a world that sci-fi fans have been dreaming of all their lives.

The company has developed several proprietary technologies for the game, such as its innovative Continuous Single-Shard Cluster (CSSC) server solution, as well as a state of the art voxel engine and procedural generation tools.

In 2016, Novaquark ran the third-largest video game Kickstarter of the year, and since then we have raised over 19 million euros ($21.3M) in funding. Our team is comprised of industry veterans, who have worked on games such as: EVE Online, Watch_Dogs, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, and more. In 2019, the company opened their second office in Montreal, Canada, one of the world’s leading cities for gaming professionals.

What they are looking for

They are currently looking for passionate, teamwork-oriented people who believe in our mission, and want to help make Dual Universe the next big thing in sci-fi MMOs.

Novaquark is looking to hire skilled programmers and artists, as well as experienced production and marketing personnel.

Good to know

They are passionate about technology, science, gaming, and solving complex problems in the service of our vision. As sci-fi fans, they want to close the gap between science and fiction.

Their offices are fun and open, and feature lots of great perks. Their kitchen is always stocked with drinks and snacks, and we encourage coworkers to get together to play video games and board games during lunch, or join up with each other after work for a beer!

Thank you for taking the time to check them out, and don't hesitate if you have any questions!

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