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Before a product from Notino reaches the customer, it has to go through almost all departments. Where does his journey begin? And what does it look like in one of our distribution centers?

See what a product journey looks like.


Innovation and technological advancements are one of the main reasons why Notino is at the top of European e-commerce within the beauty sector. And that it's not just about perfumes, you can see for yourself.

How you can book your favorite beauty parlor in the Notino app? And how many packages are processed per hour by an automatic packaging line? There are certainly more than you think.


More than 300 IT colleagues. This is also a fact that makes Notino a major technology player. In addition to a large development team, the infrastructure team is also involved in the smooth running of all systems.

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From Brno to almost all of Europe. What does such expansion involve? And how many languages are spoken by colleagues from the Customer Care department to care for all Notino customers, who number more than 24 million?

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We win together - as a team. We go the extra mile. We are still learning. These are values of Notino. Why does the company have them and why are they important?

CEO Zbyněk Kocián talks about this, together with all members of the top management.


Notino, formerly Parfums, has been making customers' lives more fragrant and beautiful since 2004, when the company was founded in Brno. And although their heart still beats in the South Moravian capital, Notino packages are enjoyed by customers in 27 European countries. Their portfolio includes over 2,500 local and international brands of perfumes, cosmetics, as well as dietary supplements, and health food. Their excellent service, fast delivery, technology, and innovation make them one of Europe's top 10 retail players. But none of this would happen without the 2,500 people who already work at Notino and come from all over Europe to ensure everything works perfectly in the company.

What they are looking for

Working at Notino is not for everyone. The e-commerce field is extremely dynamic and every day is different. What doesn't change is the desire to constantly improve and come up with new ideas that will take the company a little bit further. That's why Notino is looking for colleagues who go headlong into challenges and changes, are flexible, and are not afraid to look at projects and tasks from different angles. Well, since most projects are across different departments, teamwork is also something a new colleague can't do without.

Good to know

The pace in Notino can seem crazy at times, but it's certainly not something to be afraid of. Especially when it's a pace shared with people who share the same passion. The atmosphere at Notino is still very relaxed and informal despite the size of the company. They all chat, lots of colleagues walk around the office in slippers. Don't expect long bureaucratic approval rounds there, but the opportunity to work on interesting projects that move the world of e-commerce does! And when they're not working, they enjoy company parties, teambuilding, or playing football in their Relax Zone. In a nutshell, they are never bored at Notino. Find out for yourself and check out their vacancies. Maybe they are waiting for you.

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