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Paul alias Maître Capello :

Senior Technical Manager of Nahimic since 2017. Engineering degree in Automatic Control & Industrial Data Processing from Centrale-Lille. The entertainer of the company (Paul is a great singer) Karaoke leader during Nahimic parties. A Proud defender of the French language, from which he takes his nickname of "Maître Capello".

Paul is one of the oldest members of Nahimic, around since its creation and officially joining in 2005. He first was a developer for DSP, then Windows, then he became Lead Developer and recently a Senior Manager. He finds that Nahimic offers him a great opportunity to work with a young company full of ambition and opportunities that brings its "Savoir-Faire" beyond its French frontiers (Singapore and Taïwan) and is ready to take on new challenges. Paul is a man fueled by passions and challenges. He is a great leader for his mates, displaying patience, understanding, and open-mindedness. He constantly tries to keep an eye on what's going on outside of the company, to make sure that they stay ahead of the game. He is the most responsive guy, able to manage several projects even complex ones. Paul is definitely a key member of Nahimic (A-Volute), knowing all its history and creating the next chapters with great professionalism and a bit of fun.

Tuyen alias Kung Fu Panda :

Tuyen Pham developed his business skills in innovative technologies through a position as Sales Manager within a start-up specialized in audio software. Tuyen nonetheless pursued a Master of Business Creation and Management at ESC-Lille, where he graduated major of his promotion.

He is the president of the company Nahimic and has the helm of it since its conception 14 years ago. He is an expert in audio technologies, the consumer electronics market et technology licensing. He has developed Nahimic's business opportunities in the industrial, military and major global electronic Brands with his leading product: Nahimic. Tuyen is also a martial artist, earning a black belt and 3 Dang in Viet Vo Dao.

He is deeply committed to the well-being of his employees at work by coaching sports sessions or even by providing a gaming room where Nahimic teams can empty their heads and have a good time. He has the gift of knowing to surround himself with talented and passionate people, as he firmly believes that we do nothing without passion.

Saliha Alias CrossFitLover, The only female developer in the Nahimic dev team. She joined the team for her 6 monthes internship 3 years ago. As she loved working on audio experience and making gamers'lives better, she decided to integrate officially the team. Saliha is pationate about crossfit, she loves going to the gym and proctice new exercices. So if she is not at work she will be doing her 3rd workout of the day. She also participates to all soccer games with her colleagues.

Damien alias Le MarseillaisMember of the R&D crew since 2014. He always wanted to be able to play an instrument, but never succeeded, so he uses his brilliant brain to make up for this lack and have fun with the sound. In addition to developing new audio effects, he’s also the golden ears of the company, and tunes all the laptop and headset of our client. Damien is someone who's very passionate about his job and shares his passion with all new employees upon their onboarding during his famous training course. He’s also a devoted teacher in Centrale-Lille, the school where he was educated years ago, to train idle youth in his beautiful profession and find interns who want to learn more and help Nahimic's growth. In his spare time, he loves listening to music, going to psychedelic concerts or watching a nonmainstream movie. And, of course, supporting his beloved OM and speaking well of Marseille, his homeland.

Vincenzo alias is the Product Manager of Nahimic since 2019.He is an hardcore gamer since he only was a fetus he is always up to date on hi-tech and gaming industry. Maybe his passion for the gaming industry might be seen as an obsession, but if his girlfriend doesn’t complain, who are we to disagree?

He worked in Italy, UK, Slovenia and France. During his previous work experiences he developed his skills and career as a Product Manager. In particular, he worked in the fields of haptics, VR and Gaming facing topics like product conception, development, and launch as well as marketing and customer development. Working in such a hi-tech international context allowed him to learn a lot and face challenges in different working environments. By the way, Vincenzo also owns a PhD in Materials and he is author of more than 2O scientific papers in international journals and conferences with more than 200 citations, but that’s another story.

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Nahimic has the conviction that everyone should benefit from the best audio experience, which is why they designed smart and tailor-made solutions that offer 3D sound in real-time on all standard stereo equipment. Their 3D Sound audio solution "Nahimic" has been embedded in the Top of the line Gaming computers and motherboards since 2015. In line with these convictions, Nahimic has risen to the challenge of bringing this technology mainstream, offering this experience to everyone who wants more immersion, more emotions in their media (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, and much more). Nahimic is helped by talented engineers, developers, product owners, and managers, but is constantly looking for new talent. It currently has offices in France, Singapore and Taïwan and is looking to expand to the US. (nb: A-Volute made the strategic choice to bring its leading brand's product name "Nahimic" as the current name of the company.)

What they are looking for

Nahimic wishes to meet passionate people, full of energy and motivations that shape the strong values and ambitious vision that make Nahimic: Dare, Care, and Share, brought by a truly international open-mindedness. New ideas are highly valued and encouraged. Nahimic works toward pushing innovation to greater heights.

Good to know

To join this terrific audio adventure just don't forget simple things: bring your gym bag, your fair-play and your positive attitude with you. Be prepared to eat asian food, French fries, drink good beers and play video games! Don’t forget your fluent English!

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