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They Bring Joy All Over the World

Mondelēz believes that everyone loves chocolate, cookies, and wafers. They bring joy to people in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Europe, and the entire world. The company produces such classics as the Milka chocolate, Oreo cookies, Opavia wafers, Kolonáda spa wafers, and many others. The company has three production plants in the Czech Republic – in Lovosice, Opava, and Mariánské Lázně. Another plant focusing on the production of chocolate pralines, including the Figaro brand pralines, is located in Bratislava.

From Lovosice to the End of the World

The history of this plant dates back to 1806 when a coffee substitute started to be produced there. Today, the plant in Lovosice has more than 350 employees, and it is the second-largest Mondelēz plant in the Czech Republic. Everybody here works to produce the BeBe Dobré ráno biscuits, Miňonky, Tatranky, Horalky, and Opavia Zlaté wafers. From Lovosice, they distribute their goods throughout the Czech Republic and all over the world. You can find biscuits made in Lovosice in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, or Australia.

Leading Plant in Opava

The largest and most modern Mondelēz biscuit and wafer factory in Europe is located in Opava. It grew out of a small factory founded by the Fiedor family in 1840 (that’s where the favorite Fidorka comes from). Oreo and BeBe Dobré ráno cookies and biscuits (known as belVita outside the Czech Republic), Milka and Cadbury chocolate wafers, and Opavia products; all of these come from the Opava production halls. The plant gives more than 1,000 employees the opportunity for significant personal and professional development. Thanks to foreign internships, the employees receive continuous education on the production and technological processes.

Mariánské Lázně: The Original Kolonáda

Where else than in Mariánské Lázně should the Kolonáda spa wafers be produced? It used to be a small family factory which has grown over the years, and now there are 75 employees. The traditional spa wafers were first made here 160 years ago, and, since then, they became one of the most favorite sweet treats. The employees here follow the latest trends during production and combine traditional recipes with the latest technology.

Everyone Can Find Their Place

Everyone is welcome in the sweet-smelling biscuit factory. There are opportunities for fresh graduates as well as experienced workers. There are also positions of laboratory technicians and process engineers available for university graduates with English language skills. All have the option to educate themselves on what interests them the most and move to other positions within the company. No one hinders your initiative. In fact, it is encouraged!

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