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Mondelēz International - centrála
Mondelēz International - centrála

About Pavla

In her free time, Pavla mostly likes to dance. She has been attending street dance competitions for nine years. She trains twice a week, and, during the peak season in spring, she spends every weekend at the competitions. Pavla also reads a lot. She's been fond of motivational books lately. But you can’t read those all the time, so she likes to have some time to let them sink in. Therefore, she alternates between different genres.

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Get to Know Pavla

Pavla works at the Trade Marketing Department that makes campaigns to improve sales both in brick-and-mortar stores and e-shops. They closely cooperate with the Marketing Department. The Marketing Department will tell them what to focus on each month, and it is up to them how to implement it. This may include in-store sampling with hostesses, sales stands, or buy-and-get events such as competitions. These work in the long run. It’s common for them to evaluate last Christmas and prepare for the next Easter at the same time.

Breakfasts Together

Pavla always looks forward to the breakfasts together. They are organized by a different department every three months. Since there are skilled cooks among them, they also often bring delicious homemade dishes: various kinds of cakes, quiche, and especially pâté. One of the colleagues is really good at making pâté; it wouldn’t be the same without it.

Favorite Competitions

Twice a year, they organize popular competitions for Coop. The principle is always the same. You need to buy products worth at least CZK 69 and register in the competition to win prizes. Pavla likes that she organizes the entire event from the original concept, deciding upon prizes and implementation to the final evaluation. This allows her to get in touch with both the client and the agency that processes the campaign concept for them. That’s a great experience.

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