This position is no longer available.

Mechatronics engineer - Senior

Permanent contract
Salary: €34K to 50K
Starting date: April 08, 2024
No remote work
Experience: > 3 years


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Questions and answers about the job

The position

Job description

We are seeking a Mechatronics Engineer who is passionate about products and driven by curiosity. This opportunity is available at either our Hong Kong or Parisian hub.

At Sparkmate, we are a team of products engineers and we help our clients jump from an idea to an operational product in weeks. We operate mainly in the fields of connected objects and IoT products but we also occasionally work on fully digital or fully physical products.

You love building new products from scratch ? You like bootstrapping, trying and implementing new technologies ? You want to join a team of highly ambitious hardware and software engineers and develop technological solutions for innovators and changemakers ?

You will work in a cool and stimulating atmosphere with Sparkmate’s team and you will be in touch with partners and clients, helping them jump quickly from ideas to prototypes.

🎯 What we expect from you :

  • Be highly motivated and curious :)

  • A high-level of product management skills.

  • Lead and contribute to product design, architecture, and engineering, focusing on mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, and embedded software.

  • Build projects from scratch, mainly on mechanics, mechatronics, electronics and embedded software… but there’s room for more if you like to explore!

  • Communicate and interact with clients, external partners.

  • Collaborate closely with the team on multidisciplinary projects.

  • Take initiatives, work autonomously and rigorously. Of course, you’ll always be able to raise a hand for help when needed ;)

🧗‍ What you can expect from us :

  • A comforting atmosphere, with a flat organization

  • The speed of fast-growing international company (with hubs in HK, France, Romania, and soon more)

  • A fun atmosphere, where learning is valued and where you will constantly have new challenges to meet

  • An empowering atmosphere, with both freedom and responsibilities

  • Technical skills improvement and soft skills improvement, with hands-on field experience

Preferred experience

No degree required, but some great experiences needed and a willingness to create amazing products.

Strong core expertise among 1 of the 4 below fields:

  • CAD and mechanical design. Experience with Fusion is a plus!

  • Electronics and PCB design

  • Embedded software programming (mainly Python or C/C++)

  • System automation and robotics

Other skills needed:

  • Experience with production and industrialization is a plus

  • Good organizational skills

  • Ability to work in an international and fast-paced environment, adapt to changes and overcome challenges as they arise.

  • English is mandatory

Recruitment process

  • Here is our hiring process

    1. Application on Welcome Kit in English

    • a. Cover Letter => No need to be formal. What you understood about Sparkmate. Why do you think you are a good fit for Sparkmate. Why Sparkmate is a good fit for you.

    • b. Personality Test => Understand how you think

    • c. Portfolio => Show us the projects you’ve build. We appreciate pictures with explanations.

      2. Interview with a Sparkmate => Ask your questions about Sparkmate

      3. Interview with Maxime, Co-founder and COO => Make sure you have the ability/technical potential to join Sparkmate

      4. Interview with Morgan, Co-founder and CEO => Make sure you fit in the team

      5. Job Offer (final offer pending on technical test)

      6. Technical test in one of our office => Validate that you are the right person for our company

      ⚠️ Disclaimer, We are hardcore on hiring:

    • All applications with a CV instead of a portfolio will be automaticaly rejected

    • All applications in an other language than english will be automaticaly rejected

    • All applications with missing personality tests will be automatically rejected (you will receive the link by email right after the application

      **check your emails right after applying -promotion and spam folders- **

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