Video Engine Engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Possible full remote
  • > 5 years

The company



  • Mobile Apps

The job

Video Engine Engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Possible full remote
  • > 5 years


mojo is an app to create animated social stories with a professional look.
Users can choose from hundreds of templates and modify them to their needs.

The app was launched in late 2018. Users and revenues have grown strongly since. Mojo is now the #1 app to create animated content for Instagram stories. Recently, the app reached 20M installs and passed the $1M mark in monthly gross revenue.

In 2018, the company went through the Y Combinator accelerator program.
The ambition for mojo is to become the leading app for short video creation on mobile.

Job description

Missions 🎯

You will be a core builder for the mojo apps. You will be responsible for improving and maintaining the video engines of our mobile apps.

In one word you will make our users love our app even more each day by:

  • Developing and maintaining our video engines which powers millions of creators on iOS and Android.
  • Helping creative engineers create innovative templates by enabling features in the video engines.
  • Improving the engine’s speed and stability.
  • Building tools for designers so that they can easily create and validate templates.
  • Developing your own ideas having a big impact on the life of our users.

Preferred experience

Skills ✨

Our template engine work by converting primitives parsed from json files and converting them to objects which can be manipulated and animated.

You will have the opportunity to work on:

  • json parsing, serialization and migration
  • video rendering
  • OpenGL/Metal, AVFoundation, SpriteKit
  • audio mixing
  • iOS and Android stacks
  • shaders
  • memory management
  • performance optimisation
  • and other fun technical challenges

Here are the skills it takes to be a good fit:

  • 6 years+ experience with either iOS or Android SDKs
  • Proficiency in Concurrent programming: Thread safety, Grand Central Dispatch, Mutex
  • Knowledge of video or game engines in general will be appreciated
  • Knowledge of OpenGL/Metal, AVFoundation, SpriteKit are a great plus
  • Knowledge of other platform and programming languages are a plus
  • Worked on and scaled a product on the long run (2+ years)
  • Comfortable working in remote and async configuration (Git, Pull Requests,..)

We also care deeply about human skills 👫

  • Great energy - delivering makes you happy and motivated
  • Autonomy - you will have a lot of ownership
  • Growth mindset - always be willing to learn and improve. Ability to focus efforts on impactful tasks.
  • Transparency - be comfortable with transparency
  • Teamplay - being humble, relaxed and enjoy an environment where people are bad at making good jokes :)

Work environment & culture 💎

We’re a small team of 12 people. Half of us are working remotely. Our communication is mostly written.

We are focused on maximizing the impact of each member of the team. So, we try to keep it small and maintain a very relaxed and friendly work style ✌️.

Cultural fit is also extremely important to us, we even put it above raw technical skills. We think a great company is above all a highly functioning group of people that get along well together :)

🗺 Remote-friendly: participation for home equipment costs, coworking space for full-remote teammates, trips to Paris HQ fully covered (according to our expenses policy)

🎉 Enjoy life at mojo: off-sites twice a year, plus frequent team gatherings, main office at the center of Paris (near Rambuteau metro station)

Compensation 💵

💵 Competitive compensation based on upper range market data (90th percentile)
🧧Generous equity aligned with US market practices;
🎁 Best-in-class benefits and perks: health insurance covered at 100% for the teammates including their partner and children, 1-month paid leave for the second parent of newborns, lunch vouchers covered at 50%, package for sustainable mobility, high-quality hardware, etc…
🌳 Time and budget to support your learning initiatives: up to 3 days per month paid in full to attend agreed and mutual-benefit conferences, training sessions & workshops, etc…

Recruitment process

Hiring process ⚙️

  1. Screening call - 60min, remote
  2. Technical test - 3h - remote
  3. In-depth interview with the founders - 2h, remote or in-person
  4. Ref checks
  5. Meet the team meetings - expect half a day for this, remote or in-person

Meet the mojo team

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  • Mobile Apps

Video Engine Engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Possible full remote
  • > 5 years
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