Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Health, SocialTech / GreenTech

Paris, Montreal, Munich

Organization and methodologies

While each team's approach may differ, they all share key values: teamwork, code quality, and continuous improvement. They engage in activities such as reviewing workflows, sprint meetings, open discussions, and evaluating contributions. Teams adopt methodologies that best suit their needs, such as Agile or working in squads, always aiming to deliver top-notch software and services through efficient collaboration.

Emphasizing open communication and knowledge exchange, team members can effectively share ideas and provide feedback. Regular team rituals, like weekly meetings and pairing sessions, foster a supportive and productive work environment, promoting cooperation and a shared sense of accomplishment.

Projects and tech challenges

Our team recently embarked on a demanding technical endeavor focused on extracting 50 crucial measurements from X-ray images with the help of AI. By drawing upon our collective knowledge in deep learning and medical imaging, we crafted an extremely precise model that can identify and measure anatomical structures with remarkable accuracy. This innovation not only simplifies diagnostic procedures but also supports treatment planning, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. The project's success can be attributed to our team's cooperative spirit and forward-thinking approach.

During a recent project, our attention centered on integrating our medical imaging solutions with a DICOMweb platform, placing special emphasis on API development. By harnessing FastAPI, we devised coherent and effective API schemas, facilitating seamless interaction between our software and the DICOMweb platform. The team's proficiency in API development and comprehension of DICOM standards enabled us to construct a compatible solution that effortlessly integrates outputs into clinical workflows, optimizes processes, and safeguards data integrity and security.

Recruitment process

For candidates applying to the AI team, the interview process will consist of an initial conversation with a team member, followed by a technical assessment, and finally, a concluding interview with a senior team member. As for software and operations team applicants, the process will involve an introductory call with the team leader, followed by a pair of technical interviews.

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