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Internship - Customer Success Business Analyst

Job summary
Internship(4 to 6 months)
Salary: €1K to 1.4K a month
Starting date: January 07, 2024
Occasional remote
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Skills & expertise
Data analysis
Communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Team building


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The position

Job description

Internship Overview

As a Customer Success Business Analyst Intern, you will be an integral part of our Customer Success team, where you’ll gain hands-on experience in data analysis, business analytics, and customer relationship management within a SaaS environment. You will work closely with our team to drive data-driven decision-making and improve customer health scores.

Main Activities

During your internship, you will be involved in the following key activities:

  • Data-Driven Health Scoring: Conduct research to develop and enhance data-driven health scoring for SaaS companies, enabling us to better understand and improve customer health.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Assist in building processes that leverage data to make informed decisions about our subscribed customers’ health and success.

  • Grafana Dashboards: Create and maintain dashboards using Grafana, which will help us answer questions about customer usage, value, and quality. Identify areas for improvement and potential obstacles.

  • Customer Data and Knowledge Management: Play a vital role in managing customer data and knowledge, ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of our customer base.

  • Customer Health Score Playbook: Collaborate on building a playbook focused on customer health scoring, which will guide our approach to assessing and enhancing customer success.

    What You Will Work On

    Your daily activities will be divided into approximately 70% data analytics and 30% operational improvements. Here are some specific tasks you’ll be involved in:

    • Data Analysis: Compile and analyze data to help optimize our clients’ outcomes and identify areas for improvement.

    • Customer Trend Analysis: Conduct in-depth reviews of customer trends to uncover opportunities for enhancing the customer experience and operational processes.

    • Data Evaluation: Research and evaluate data from various sources to identify patterns, trends, and discrepancies.

    • Data Storytelling: Convert data into meaningful insights that can be easily understood by clients, and effectively communicate the story behind the data.

    • Communication: Present your findings and analytic insights to management, contributing to data-informed decision-making.

    • Client Performance Enhancement: Suggest actionable strategies to enhance client performance based on your data analysis.

Preferred experience

What We’re Looking For

We seek candidates with the following qualifications and attributes:

  • SQL and Data Visualization: Proficiency in SQL and familiarity with data visualization tools to handle and present data effectively.

  • Strong Communication Skills: Effective verbal and written communication skills, along with the ability to convey complex analytical findings clearly.

  • Creative Problem Solver: A creative thinker with strong analytical problem-solving skills, capable of finding innovative solutions.

  • Process Improvement: Proactive in identifying areas for improvement and introducing innovative recommendations, considering customer needs, industry best practices, and data analytics.

  • Continuous Learning: A willingness to learn, innovate, take initiative, and collaborate in a global organization.


We are looking for candidates with the following qualities and interests:

  • Business-Oriented: A strong interest in the business side of SaaS and a desire to understand and improve customer success.

  • Product Management: An understanding of product management concepts and the ability to apply them to enhance customer experiences.

  • Engineering/Management Background: Whether you come from an engineering or management background, your skills and perspectives are valued in this role.

  • Interest in Software Challenges: A passion for tackling the unique challenges presented in the world of software and data analytics.


    • A positive impact on the climate. We are committed to the energy transition and contribute to the energy efficiency of industrial players, particularly power plants (nuclear, gas, etc.)

    • A human, positive and caring work environment, which values cultural exchanges


📌 Nice location: boulevard Hausmann, 3 minutes from Saint-Lazare

🚇 Pass Navigo 100%

🍽️ Lunch vouchers

🌻 Yoga classes

🛶 Team buildings & seminars

Recruitment process

  • Screening call with Ylane (15-20’)

  • Interview with Youssef (background, knowledge, motivation)

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