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Quentin is originally from Brittany, and spent a major part of his studies in Lannion, a French city pioneer in the telecom industry. He discovered a passion for computers at the age of 18, especially for web and mobile development. He joined an engineering school to study computer science but quickly realized that the teaching method did not match his entrepreneurial spirit. He decided to leave and join Ecole 42, with which he shares the same learning values. He simultaneously became a late co-founder of Crisp, which he left after a year of hard work to broaden his horizon. Barely a year later, he met Clément and Thomas while working on the development of a search engine, and they decided to create Meili. Quentin is multidisciplinary; he is primarily a developer, but also likes to get involved in design, product and business aspects. As CEO, he is in charge of the strategic vision of the company, and more generally of its good development. In his spare time you'll find Quentin on his bike, or climbing a wall (don't get us wrong: he also likes to hang out on his couch and play video games).

Clément, aka Kero, moved from Bordeaux to Paris in 2013 to join Ecole 42, where he discovered Rust and became passionate about the language to which he makes regular contributions. He started working on a private search engine in 2018. Finding the project solid and interesting, and seeing a great development opportunity, he decided to found MeiliSearch with Thomas and Quentin. Today he leads the technical strategy, and continues his development work on the search engine and core algorithms. In parallel, he contributes to many open source libraries used by the Rust community. Kero is a great code enthusiast, and is constantly looking for new algorithms that can make the solution faster. He is also unbeatable at Among Us and really likes US rap music.

Charlotte grew up in Belgium and became passionate about computer development at the age of 21. She started her programming experience by self-teaching, in the field of video games. A few years later she moved to Paris and joined Ecole 42. She was hired as a permanent employee at MeiliSearch in 2019 (she is the first official employee of the company). Charlotte is now part of the Integrations team, to which she brings all her energy and ideas. Her role is to make the simple solution accessible to any developer wishing to implement it. In her free time she likes to play board games and does her best to keep her plants alive.

Before becoming HR Manager at MeiliSearch, Morgane worked for several e-commerce companies. Although she is not a developer, she discovered the tech world through her HR experience, and is now very attached to this environment. She joined MeiliSearch in October 2020 and is in charge of recruitment, office management, employer branding, personnel administration, and everything related to human aspects in general. She loves the diversity of her role and the proximity she can have with all the teams. When she's not working, she's planning her next travels.

Since a young age, Guillaume has always been interested in tech. Naturally orienting himself towards this field after graduating from a Masters in Information Technology in Lyon, he first joined Yurplan, a SaaS platform for event planning, as a back-end developer. As time went by he developed an interest in product management. He joined MeiliSearch in April 2021 as a Product Manager within the Core team. His role is to discover, analyze and prioritize user needs, and supports the creation and implementation of a relevant product vision.

Bruno is a developer and has been an open-source contributor for many years. He first heard about Meilisearch during the 2021 edition of Hacktoberfest, in which he participated. Following his contribution, he joined the company as an employee in January 2022 as Team Lead of the Integrations team. He remotely manages a team of two people. The role of the Integrations team is central to the overall development of our open-source solution. His daily work is to organize the team's activities and define the community management rules to ensure no repository or contribution is left out. When he's not coding, Bruno is practicing his second passion, soccer; you will often see him wearing jerseys, especially from his favorite team, Corinthians.

Clémentine started her professional life in actuarial science, before redirecting towards software development by joining Ecole 42. She was first hired at Meili during her end-of-studies internship, when the startup was still in the very first stages and hadn’t yet done its first round of funding, and quickly became manager of the Team Engine. Today she is Head of Engineering and manages three teams, whose roles are to develop the core of the search engine, the associated integration tools, and our Cloud platform. Her daily work is to continue to develop these areas, make sure the engineering teams are aligned, support managers in managing their teams and delivering projects, processes, and technical product quality. For those who don't know how to approach her, you should know that she accepts all types of food, regardless of the schedule.

Thomas studied corporate finance before moving to Paris to pursue Ecole 42. He learned to code there and met Quentin & kero while working on the search engine at Veepee. They created Meilisearch in 2018, and Thomas acts as the COO, working on the day-to-day operations with multiple teams, making sure everyone is working toward the same goal. What motivates Thomas in his daily job is the ability to design the best work environment one could offer for a team, structuring a growing business while finding the right pace for everyone to find their balance between personal life & work. Outside of work, Thomas likes to travel and think of himself as a surfer even though he is still waiting for a wave in Paris.

Alexia was studying Public Affairs when she discovered the Tech industry. She tried many different positions, from Marketing, Business Development, before realizing she actually wanted to code apps. She then decided to learn how to code and joined Ecole 42. After her first year as a professional developer, then became a frontend developer and also started to teach on the side, at OpenClassrooms and Sciences Po, among others. She decided to join Meilisearch after a meaningful experience developing a search feature for a french startup. She is now part of the Cloud team, as a Frontend developer. In her free time, Alexia is either buying stationary stuff, or eating asian food.

Luna joined Meilisearch September 2022 as part of the Developer Relations team as the first community-dedicated employee of Meilisearch. Luna doesn't come from a tech background since she worked for nearly six years in video games. Still, she finds many common points between the two environments, such as an engaged and passionate community and a fast-paced environment. Luna is today in charge of all of Meilisearch's various social media and is always keen on being approached by a community member for a chat! Luna cannot stand the taste of coffee, but she always enjoys a warm cup of tea, which is probably better as she has a tendency to spill her drinks on herself, and tea washes off better.


Meilisearch is on a mission to help developers create great search experiences. We want to make it easy to find anything anywhere by providing a Rust-based search engine with a focus on usability and intuitive API design.

We are a fully open-source company: from our search engine, to our design specifications, to our official SDKs and libraries, everything we do is public, transparent, and made in collaboration with our vibrant community.

Founded in 2018, Meilisearch is headquartered in Paris. We completed a $15 million round of funding in September 2022, and are backed by leading international investors including Felicis Ventures, CRV and LocalGlobe.

What they are looking for

No matter the role you are applying for, Meilisearch is looking for people who fit their values: curious, resourceful, able to wear multiple hats if necessary, and passionate about their job. Kindness, a love of learning, and a sense of ownership are also essential qualities, regardless of one's professional or academic background.

Good to know

  • We are in an exciting growth phase 🤩 After 5 years of developing an open-source solution that is gaining recognition, we are now moving into the monetization phase of our Cloud feature 🚀 and there is still much to be built.
  • For us, remote work is the future 🔮 In 2023, 80% of Meilisearch works remotely, from France or abroad.
  • We provide you with suitable equipment for comfortable remote work.
  • We meet at least once a year for offsites 🌎
  • We work 4 days a week 🧘
  • We offer 3 months of fully paid parental leave to all new parents 🐣
  • Your mental and physical health is important to us! We offer access to the platform and cover up to 6 sessions per year with a coach or therapist, and provide either a membership or a stipend for your sports activities each month
  • To help you support your favorite open-source projects, we offer a reimbursement of 50€ per month for your donations.

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