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Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
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Manhattan Associates

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Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates

At Manhattan Associates we strive to seize every opportunity, every day, to service the customer, to drive innovation, to forward our careers and to give back to our community.

Eddie Capel, Président & CEO, Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates

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For nearly 30 years globally and more than 15 years in France, Manhattan Associates is present, every day, in the field alongside its customers. As the only company providing solutions at the convergence of commerce and supply chain. Manhattan's philosophy is to work hand in hand with its customers to help them transform their logistic and omni-channel operations.

Through their constant commitment to innovation and continuous expansion of their software suite, Manhattan Associates enable their clients (retailers, industrialists, logistics providers ...) the capability to manage their logistic flows, optimize their warehouse activities , to orchestrate their order flows, to have a full visibility of the customer interactions ... Manhattan allows them to provide a fluid and seamless experience to their own clients.

And because Manhattan Associates demonstrates a constant commitment to innovation and continued expansion of its software solutions, the company is regularly cited as a market leader by leading research and consulting firms. Surf their website to discover, in detail, their WMS (Warehouse Management), TMS (Transportation Management), POS (Point of Sale) and OMS (Order Management) solutions.

What they are looking for

At Manhattan Associates, everyone has an important role to play and is the true driver of their career. As a fast growing organization, the company is constantly looking for talented and collaborative people to strengthen and develop their teams in Southern Europe.

It hires a wide range of functional profiles who are capable of working on high impact projects which are often international.

Whether you are a young graduate engineer, or a highly skilled consultant with a technical or functional background, what really matters is that you are passionate about high technologies and want to bring direct impact to business transformation projects which are at the heart of your customers' concerns.

In addition, if you like solving complex problems and working in multicultural teams, you will find your happiness at Manhattan Associates.

Good to know

Their Motivation: Contribute to the logistics’ excellence of their customers, in warehouse, in store, ... so that they can offer an exceptional purchasing experience to their own customers.

Their culture :

  • Work as one team, wherever it is, closer or far
  • Grow together but also make each other grow
  • Work hard, play hard for a guaranteed atmosphere each moment!
  • Authenticity - here, no fuss!
  • Cultural diversity
  • The variety of projects both by solutions, their parameters, their complexities, their locations, ... there is always something good for you!
  • Travel in France and the other side of the World
  • Feel responsible
  • Be ONE TEAM!

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