Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital

Aeronautics / Space

Toulouse, Golden, San Francisco


Make space simple: Loft Orbital deploys space infrastructure as a service, providing rapid, reliable, and simplified access to space.

FAST: With satellite buses in inventory and quarterly launches booked, Loft Orbital delivers customer missions to space in months, not years.

SIMPLE: we shield the customers from the complexity of a space mission by handling the mission as a service.

RELIABLE: With plug-and-play products, Loft Orbital uses identical satellite hardware for each mission to maximize flight heritage and reduce technical risk.

What they are looking for

At Loft, you’ll be given the autonomy and ownership to solve significant challenges, but with a close-knit and supportive team at your back. We believe that diversity and community are the foundation of an open culture. We are committed to hiring the best people regardless of background and making their time at Loft the most fulfilling period of their careers.

We value kind, supportive, and team-oriented collaborators. It is also crucial for us that you are a problem solver and a great communicator. As our team is international, you will need strong English skills to collaborate better, easily communicate complex ideas and convey important messages.

Good to know

At Loft, we have 4 core values. They serve a few key purposes to provide an enduring statement of what matters most and reflect both our culture today AND what we aspire to be!

EMPATHY: Wear the customer’s shoes 👟

CAMARADERIE: Have each others' backs 🤝

PRIDE: High standards 🥇

OPENNESS: A beginner’s mind 🤓

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