Past and future

Their story

Their story

Leadjet started as a side project that our co-founders Romain and David came up with during their exchange program at UC Berkeley. They used LinkedIn as a prospecting tool and found creating and enriching contacts in the CRM extremely daunting. After this realization, they put their heads and expertise together to create a simple solution - a tool that automates repetitive tasks and bridges LinkedIn to the CRM.


Leadjet was Founded

Team of 20+


nationalities represented


revenue growth in 1 year


over 5000+ companies

Their vision

Leadjet strives to be the go-to sales productivity tool with a dead-simple UI / UX, which can be used by any sales team or individual in the world! We want to set the standard for simple, safe and healthy prospecting on LinkedIn, while helping save time during customized outreach and curated profiling. Bringing back personalization in social selling and educating users about the dangers of excessive automation is what we're passionate about. Leadjet connects the dots to build powerful end-to-end integrations, with embedded intelligence that eliminates manual tasks & provides additional sales insights. It works where you work and enables users to spend more time on what really matters.

Their vision

Company values

Leadjet possesses a bright, vibrant & lively culture.


An international team with an entrepreurial spirit in a startup ecosystem - it's never boring ! We're a group of friends creating something we're passionate about. A close-knit team, we make sure to give each other a hand when needed, help out with tasks or provide feedback and give ideas. We like experimenting, trying new things & testing crary ideas! Who knows if it's going to be the bomb dot com? We play around with our compaigns and make bold product moves, but if it doesn't work out - we learn from it, take note and come out with a banging 2.0 version!

Keep it Simple & Be Authentic

At Leadjet we prioritize simplicity of the product & our working style. All ingenious is simple.

Test and Adapt

Never scared to try new things and make adjustments as we go.

Be Curious & Always Learning

Learn from others and learn together. This is how we and our product evolve.

Talent makes a difference & timing wins

Our 4 Cs are

Communication with Conviction with Confidence with Calmness.

Commitments and CSR

At Leadjet, we nurture freedom of expression and authenticity. We value open-mindedness, it enables us to consider different opinions and see different points of views. Every member brings in their unique expertise and view. Therefore, we strive to increase the diversity of our team, welcoming all ethnicities, representatives of different communities and social groups, as we know that it will foster our company's multi-dimensional development. We're doing our best to create a welcoming environment for everyone, to be able to include people from diverse backgrounds into our team. Leadjet stands against all forms of discrimination and creates a level-playing field for it's employees.


Leadjet has worked hard to build a multinational team to be able to create a diverse environment. We are proud to have representatives of 10+ nationalities that come from different backgrounds in training and experience. By gathering people with different skills, mindsets and culture, we ensure sustainable development of our company and every individual. We are able to learn from each other, share our thoughts, ideas and expertise to collaborate.