Big Data, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, London, Milan, Moskva, New York, Offenburg, Vancouver

Jean-Noël graduated from France’s top engineering school Polytechnique, and is passionate about Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Datamining. He is also a visionary, who detected early on the importance of cutting-edge technology for web marketing teams: for Internet users, having a personalized experience on the web was becoming an imperative, and websites were not able to adapt to the constant evolution of this new need.

Initially oriented towards web design, Kameleoon's pivotal moment came after his stay in the United States, when Jean-Noël identified the emergence of a new practice: A/B testing.

Once back in France, he changed direction and designed the first version of his A/B testing solution. Success came fast: PriceMinister, Pages Jaunes and Le Monde were the company's first clients. Today, enriched with personalization solutions, he leads the technical direction of Kameleoon's SaaS platform in Paris (and in Moscow), which is constantly adapting to marketer’s new practices and the issues they face.

Rémi holds an engineering degree and an Executive MBA from the Sorbonne Business School. He has over 15 years of experience in the fields of digital innovation, new technologies and steering customer relationships and success.

Rémi manages the Customer Success and Professional Services teams who support clients from the pre-sale phase - advising them on the best conversion optimization strategy and on the identification, formalization and prioritization of the most relevant use cases - while helping them to get to grips with the Kameleoon solution and integrate it into their ecosystem. On a daily basis, he ensures the quality of the service delivered, continuously improves the processes and organization, and develops the consultants’ skills so that Kameleoon may offer an incomparable customer experience.

Rémi loves spending time with his 3 little kids and enjoys sailing, rowing and playing football!

After completing his PhD in signal and image processing in 2018, Calum decided to move towards the digital marketing industry and joined the Kameleoon team. He has now been working with Kameleoon as a data engineer for over 3 years.

Calum contributes to the design and implementation of data pipelines that enable Kameleoon's solution to collect and process data generated by our clients' website visitors. A big part of his assignment is to work on the machine learning pipeline that runs the artificial intelligence algorithms used in our personalization module.

In his spare time, you can find Calum watching football and listening to the Backstreet Boys.

Romane holds an international business degree from IAE Business School. Before joining Kameleoon, she had 2-year experience as a Customer Success Manager (CSM) in a B2B crowdsourcing solution for Retail, Tech and Care sectors. Romane is CSM for the North American market. She onboards and trains new customers, secure renewals, coordinates projects’ delivery and provides support on CRO, UX improvement and market insights to her customer portfolio. She contributes to improving Kameleoon’s retention strategy and drives her customer portfolio through new projects and product upsells. She participates in Kameleoon's expansion in North America by taking part in pre-sales presentations for prospects, in collaboration with the Sales team. Romane has been based in Toronto since August 2022. She loves traveling and discovering Canada from lakes and forests to mountains.


Kameleoon empowers brands to build better products and digital experiences. It is the only optimization solution with Web Experimentation, Feature & Full Stack Experimentation, and AI-Driven Personalization capabilities in a single unified platform. 

Designed to pull all teams together, Kameleoon supports both product and marketing-led teams to increase visitors engagement and power growth.

Kameleoon has a team of +180 people present all over the world: US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Eastern Europe. It works with more than 700 medium and enterprise-sized companies worldwide, making it the top SaaS platform for AI-driven experimentation and personalization. These include leaders in ecommerce and retail, media, travel, automotive, financial services and health such as Toyota, BPCE, Fnac Darty, Canada Goose… and many others!

What they are looking for

Above all, Kameleoon is looking for passionate people who are not afraid to try everything. With them, collaboration doesn't lose its meaning: they constantly work to improve and co-create, because they know that working together brings out the best in us.

Kameleoon is also looking for creative and rigorous people with colorful personalities! This is a sector that is constantly evolving: in all positions, you have to be able to respond to new needs that appear every week. In a nutshell, rather than the "perfect" CV, Kameleoon is looking for profiles in which we feel a real curiosity, and a desire to create, produce and innovate together.

Good to know

Kameleoon’s initial project dates back to 2012: the idea was to be able to easily modify the appearance of a website with agility and without technical constraints... like a chameleon.

As a reference to this founding idea, the team shares its premises with a real chameleon: Jean-Balthazar, a mascot we cuddle every day. He reminds everyone of Kameleoon’s initial project. By the way, you can follow his daily adventures on Instagram.

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