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impak is a leading impact analysis and rating agency. It provides transparent, comparable and measurable social and environmental data, enhanced by human intelligence, to investors.

We have developed the impak ScoreTM and the impact assessment, two elements that allow their clients and partners to better understand both the negative and positive impacts of their assets, which is essential to positively contribute to the most pressing social and environmental issues.

Our mission is to help the financial sector make more sustainable investment choices in order to move towards an economy that can meet the challenges of future generations.

What they are looking for

impak is primarily looking for unique personalities who are committed to their daily lives. If you are autonomous, flexible and rather proactive, the work organization at impak will truly accelerate your desire for positive impact! If you think you are the right person for the job (a little, but not too much), and if you recognize yourself (really!) in our values, we look forward to receiving your application! Of course, you need to speak English, as it will be your working language!

Good to know

At impak, we like to create collectively, which is how we define our tendency towards horizontality: a mode of organization in perpetual adjustment where each voice counts. This horizontality allows everyone to take part in certain important reflections and decisions that go beyond the job description's direct framework. At the initiative of employees, committees for reflection and action have been created, such as JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Identity), the well-being committee, BCorp, etc.

Through its JEDI committee, impak explicitly declares itself to be anti-racist and feminist, welcoming sexual and gender diversity and proudly inscribing it in its fundamental values.

Given the current health situation, all teams are currently telecommuting. The optimal organization (office, co-working, telecommuting, etc.) remains to be written together once the French team is complete!

impak is BCorp certified, but its commitment goes beyond the specifications of a simple label. The "Lunch and learn" meetings, "We are a team" or the various committees are all initiatives managed and led by the teams themselves.

Contrary to popular belief, one can be an analyst and have a sense of humor ;-) ! Whether French or Quebecois humor, there is always a battle!

To do serious and committed work without taking oneself seriously.

Given the geographical location of the teams (Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France and many others) and although the organization of the work remains very flexible, each collaborator is asked to be available during the weekly team meetings, taking into account the time zones (EST).

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