Big Data, Electronics / Telecommunications, SaaS / Cloud Services

Lyon, Paris


Husprey is a software company building Analytics Notebooks.

What is an Analytics Notebook, you might ask? It's a single document containing text and intelligence — Notion or GDoc-like — but also data — a direct access to databases and graphs. The goal is to be able to share intelligible, straightforward, factual documents for better decision making.

Founded in 2020, Husprey is used by teams located in France, Europe, and the US, such as Le Figaro, Withings, Horace, Ankorstore... The company recently closed a €3M seed funding round.

The team is small, but already united by a solid corporate culture and well rooted values:

  • Kindly challenging: they challenge themselves by aiming for excellence, while looking out after each other.
  • Data driven: all decisions made are based on solid data. It's their job!
  • Be ambitious and stay humble: take into account customers and employees feedback, without diminishing their confidence and ambition.
  • Be a doer: don't know how to do something? It's a learning opportunity. The whole team is always available to give out advice.
  • Flexibility: flex offices, working from home, respect of the work-life balance. They provide everything to work with a free mind and in good conditions.

What they are looking for

They are looking for self-driven, ambitious individuals looking to grow professionally while simultaneously building the company. Being passionate about data is a plus, but not a prerequisite.

Good to know

The team has offices in Paris and Lyon but also employees working from home. Therefore, a very hybrid work environment.

The product is loved by its users and they are aligned with the founders' strong vision.

Employees benefits to make their life easier: Alan insurance company, covered travel expenses, luncheon vouchers.

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