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HOLLIS & BEAN is the first English-language communications agency in Paris. It helps CAC 40 and other international companies tell their story simply and effectively to their global clients, employees, and investors in the language they share: English.

The agency's core business is content strategy and production. It advises clients on key messages that help them articulate their difference to an international audience. It creates articles, video, podcasts, infographics and social media campaigns that help companies raise brand awareness and sell their products and services around the world. And it produces English news and content for companies to keep their employees informed and engaged.

Hollis & Bean works mainly with B2B companies, specializing in sustainability, finance, energy and general business management.

What they are looking for

The team at Hollis & Bean is made up of journalists and editorial consultants. The majority are English native speakers based in Paris. All team members use both English and French in their day-to-day work with clients.

Hollis & Bean team members share three main attributes. They're great writers: whether applying their talent to a long-form article or a 1-minute film script, they articulate their ideas clearly. They're ultra-organized. And they have a genuine enthusiasm for partnering with clients to find solutions to their challenges.

Working at Hollis & Bean also means supporting other team members and treating suppliers with respect. The agency prides itself on the fact that many of its partners have been working with it since the very beginning: its supplier retention is as good as its client retention!

Good to know

Are you a compulsive Googler? Do you have a tendency to seek out and remember random facts on improbable subjects? Being curious and interested in how the world works is an important part of life at Hollis & Bean.

Building knowledge on any given topic quickly is essential to getting the job done: one day you might be working on an article about carbon emissions, the next on an infographic on cyber security. Many companies boast to future employees that no two days are the same. At Hollis & Bean, it happens to be true.

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