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Barcelona, Algiers, Paris


Heetch is the #1 ride-hailing app that act to make mobility more positive and inclusive.

It all started in 2013 on the parking lots of Parisian nightclubs. Founders Teddy and Mathieu would showcase their nocturnal ride-sharing service to young customers who’d missed the last train.

Now, our 24/7 ride-hailing app covers 7 countries in 2 continents : Europe and Africa.

From our « garage band » phase in early 2010’s to our international expansion now, our DNA remains the same : we fight for what we think is right and positive. We truly believe that no-one should be left behind, how do we do that ? By maintaining a balance between inclusive prices for our passengers and sufficient revenues for our drivers.

Interested ? Come join our ambitious team, and start to ride with pride too !

What they are looking for

Joyful, optimistic and result oriented people who want to join an international company committed to changing the market.

Good to know

We ride with 4 values :

  • Make it Happen : we’re efficient, focus and we decide quickly without going too fast,
  • Be Kind : we treat each others with respect and always assume good intentions,
  • Play for the Team : we look out what’s best for the company as a whole, no ego or politics,
  • Think Different : we’re not scared of showing our personality, we look for innovation and to think outside the box.

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