ville pour tous / habx

ville pour tous / habx


habx is a startup with a unique and innovative offer: allowing people to create and buy their dream apartment through a digital configurator. Founded in 2016, habx gathers more than 50 collaborators from all type of specialities: marketing, real-estate, legal, data science, IT and product management. Focused on this promise, they believe real-estate is a market no longer based on offer. It should only respond to demand and they answer it with this configurator. Entirely for free. Therefore, habx is looking for talented people who believe in its story and convinced they can change real-estate market through technology.

What they are looking for

habx is looking for people with conviction, talent and enthusiasm to give real-estate a new era. Lovers of technological solutions such as Asana and Slack are gladly welcome. habx recruits in many areas: developers, lead developers, project managers, account manager or marketing specialists are always joining the family. habx has three core values of paramount importance: responsibility, requirement and goodwill. Everyone has its part of autonomy, driven by team spirit, constantly. Sounds inspiring? Then contact us and let’s see what you can do!

Good to know

Every first thursday of each month, this is big family meeting. Results, objectives and major decisions are presented to everyone. Of course followed by drinks, snacks and music. Because habx is constantly growing, they use “Donut”! Every two weeks, Donut pairs two collaborators in order to let them know each other around lunch or drink. It’s up to them and makes it easier to remember everyone’s name ;) Salary benefits: ● 50% of transport subscription ● 100% mutual fund ● Lunchr card : to pay for lunch or grocery ● Fresh fruits delivered two times per week

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