Agri-food / Animal Nutrition



The Groupe Roullier is an independent family-owned group that has been a committed international player for over 60 years. Driven by a collective energy, our 8 areas of activity invent sustainable, high added value solutions that serve a shared ambition: “Growing Together”.

So what’s their approach? Daring to be different on all 8 of its markets: the Agri-food, Agricultural Supplies, Dietary Phosphates, Magnesium, Plant Nutrition for the general public, Plastics, Algology and Renewable Energy—all along the value chain, encouraging responsible growth.

Groupe Roullier’s international development is based on four principles:

  • Innovation is part of its DNA and the requisite motor to drive successful and sustainable agriculture.
  • International industrial capital, which implies stringent safety and environmental practices.
  • Expert technicians and close-knit partnerships that allow us to take action locally
  • Human capital that provides a base of collective energy on which to progress

What they are looking for

Above all, Groupe Roullier is looking for audacious and ambitious collaborators who are ready to invest their personality in every project.

They consider human capital and the spirit of entrepreneurship to be the core of development

Good to know

Groupe Roullier is:

  • 108 production units around the world
  • Products sold in 123 countries
  • 9200 collaborators

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