Green Panda Games

Green Panda Games
Green Panda Games
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    29 years old
Green Panda Games
Green Panda Games
Green Panda Games
Green Panda Games
Green Panda Games
Green Panda Games
Green Panda Games

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Green Panda Games is a start-up specialized in developing and publishing mobile games for the iOS and Android platforms.

Their game portfolio ranges from casual (card game, puzzle) to hyper-casual (arcade, idle, sport) games.

Green Panda Games recently entered the Publishing business with a focus on hyper-casual genre of games.

They’ve seen rapid growth from this portion of their business and are actively looking for smart and ambitious people to scale this growth even further.

Here are the broad categories where Green Panda is always looking for smart talent:

  • Game Designers
  • Game Project Managers
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Advertising Analysts
  • Development (Web/Unity/HTML5)
  • Business Development

Make sure to check the job pages regularly for new and different roles that are posted.

What they are looking for

Green Panda is looking for individuals who are passionate about the world of gaming and are motivated and excited at the prospect of making Green Panda a dominant player in the mobile gaming industry.

We look for great work-ethic, high degree of attention to detail and smart decision making skills in all our candidates, regardless of the role.

Having said all of that, we are a gaming company in the end, so ability to have fun and hold your own in any of our evening console gaming sessions and regular game nights will go a long way in your integration.

Good to know

All the different consoles stocked with all the popular games to play. Weekly game-nights (physical and console) with dinner offered. Seasonal company parties and events.

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