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George is one of the first employees who joined the GRC as an analyst, and due to his never-ending desire to challenge things and unbeaten communication skills he became one of the GRC Directors. He makes sure the Creative business keeps growing, and all our clients produce the best possible ads! In his free time, he loves riding trains (make sure you have at least an hour before you ask him anything about it!), reading history, practicing kick box (that is why you should never try to skip the train talk), and building Legos (but he is not particularly a fan of stepping on them!).

Mina is our Research Design guru. There is no crazy or impossible request for her. She can create a research plan from air if really needed! She is also leading a diverse team. Imagine having five people with five different nationalities. This requires some serious cross-cultural skills! In her free time, she is a makeup enthusiast (you can even ask her to help with Halloween makeup!), loves reading fantasy books, cycling, dancing, and watching crime shows (mention Criminal Minds and you’ll be a fast favorite!).

Julia joined the GRC less than a year ago as a Research Executive but is already rocking the analytical world and bringing insights on how to increase Brand value! She is also one of the most active participants in all volunteering activities, trying to make others’ lives better. Apart from volunteering, in her free time she practices yoga, does cross fit (what a combination of a strong body and clear mind!), reads books, cooks (if you are a sweet tooth – just ask her to make a carrot cake, you will not regret it), listens to music and even plays the flute.

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Company presentation

Kantar’s Global Research Centre (GRC) in Prague was established in 2012 to provide excellent service to many of the world’s leading brands. Nowadays, it’s hard to name a renowned company that we haven’t had an opportunity to work with.

We undertake marketing research projects all around the globe. We design surveys, collect the data, analyze the results, prepare reports, and provide our clients with actionable recommendations for optimizing their marketing efforts.

Our clients value us for our high level of expertise in driving advertising efficiency and brand growth. And that is why we’re constantly looking for top-talent and we keep investing in our own people’s growth and development. We believe that we won’t be able to be so successful if we didn’t have the smart, passionate, and creative people that make up our team.

Who will feel great at GRC?

To understand if GRC is the right place for you, consider the following:

  • Diversity is at our core; we see it as a source of innovation and creativity
  • We boldly jump into the unknown a nd challenge the status quo. Continuous improvement is deeply rooted in our DNA
  • We learn together. Also, learning from your mistakes is celebrated here
  • Our structure offers robust training, a lot of support and guidance. Our ethos is built on trust and the freedom to work independently, we are not micromanaging

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Still in doubt?

We offer dynamic career growth opportunities in both management and expert directions. We encourage engagement in social initiatives, and organize these events ourselves – clean-ups in parks, charity thrift sales, fundraising for UNICEF and Special Olympics etc. We also get extra days off, all the regular perks (phone, Multisport etc.), tickets to industry events, etc. GRC is a genuinely cool place with great people, so check our open vacancies!