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Sophie est ingénieure de l’Ecole Centrale de Paris et titulaire d’un MBA de l’INSEAD. Après un poste de chargé de projet à l’Agence Française de Développement en Jordanie, elle a été consultante en performance opérationnelle dans l’aéronautique, l’énergie et le spatial. Passionnée d’entrepreneuriat, de technologie et de management, Sophie a été citée comme l’une des 6 qui feront le secteur de la santé de demain par le magazine de Welcome to The Jungle

Michel is a mechanical engineer from INP Grenoble and holds a PhD in Biomechanics from ENSAM ParisTech. He completed his executive MBA at EMLyon Business School.

He started his career in orthopedic surgery as a Research Engineer at Aesculap BBraun, then he joined Biomet where he had increasing responsibilities in designing, developing and marketing new surgical implants and related instrumentation. At Beckton Dickinson he contributed to a new strategic pharmaceutical unit to address US hospital market with generic injectable drugs and to develop with his team new drug delivery systems. Then Michel worked as Global R&D Director at Zimmer Biomet, worldwide leader in orthopaedic implants. More recently he contributed to develop the start-up CorWave and its activities to transition from technologies bricks to an innovative implantable cardiac pump to be firstly used in clinical studies.

Michel brings over 20 years of experience in MedTech, mainly in orthopedics, having transitioned over 20 products from R&D to the market. He has an in-depth knowledge of the regulated product development process in EU and US regulatory frameworks.

He collaborated closely with clinicians and scientists to build innovative solutions. He is the co-inventor of 10 patents.

Margot graduated from INSA Lyon in 2020. She first joined Ganymed Robotics as a mechatronics R&D intern. She is particularly interested in medical robotics and biomechanics. At Ganymed Robotics, Margot has specialized in the study and design of mechatronics.

What else? Margot loves team sport and plays basketball and football in particular.

Blaise est diplômé de l’Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest. Après un passage au CEA où il a conçu des dispositifs médicaux innovants, il a travaillé chez Aldebaran Robotics, devenu Softbank, au département Innovation & R&D. Blaise maîtrise parfaitement le cycle de conception d’un produit en hardware. Passionné de robotique, adepte de hackathon hardware, Blaise est une force de proposition et de réalisation créative et réaliste.

Nicolas Loy Rodas, est docteur en robotique médicale de l’Université de Strasbourg et ingénieur en mécatronique de l’Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Strasbourg. Il a notamment travaillé dans de le developmment de nouvelles méthodes pour la perception de l’environnement 3D dans une salle opératoire, la simulation de la propagation des radiations ionisantes en temps réel et la visualisation des radiations par réalité augmentée. Auteur de 8 publications scientifiques et co-auteur de 2 brevets, Nicolas apporte une expertise technique, métier, et une connaissance des mondes scientifique et clinique acquise pendant ses 6 ans d’expérience en conception et développement de systèmes de chirurgie assistée par ordinateur.

Silvère Lucquin, COO, has over 10 years of experience in the Medtech industry. A biomedical engineer from Ecole Polytechnique and Imperial College London, he holds an MBA from INSEAD. He served as CEO of Aditlys Medical and the 1st employee of CorWave, a French start-up which he helped to grow from 1 to 35 employees, with responsibility for over 8 engineers. At Ganymed, Silvère is involved in product definition, industrial partnerships establishment and scaling up the company in general. Aside of Ganymed, Silvère enjoys spending his free time practicing martial arts, doing photography and sailing the western coast of France.

Marion is R&D engineer at Ganymed Robotics since february, 2019.

She holds a PhD in computer vision from the university of Grenoble and a engineering diploma of Ecole Centrale Paris.

She worked 5 years in the field of medical devices at SurgiQual Institute, a company specialized in software developments of medical products under quality assurance.

There, she worked on various projects of different technology readiness levels.

Most of them were related to surgical guidance systems for the operating room with projects in urological surgery (surgical tool tracking for augmented surgery) and orthopaedic surgery (intraoperative localization of hip implants using fluoroscopy imaging).

She joined Ganymed at the beginnning of the adventure and is now in charge of the development and evaluation of the computer vision algorithms used for patient anatomy intraoperative localization.

Nicolas Goffinet is Software Leader at Ganymed Robotics since march, 2021.

Born in 1978 in Nantes, computer science lurred him all his childhood, playing on C64, Amiga and PC, and coding too, as he reproduced assembly code published at that time.

After a physics degree in ENSPS (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg), he graduated from EISTI (Ecole Internationale des Sciences de l'information) with an engineering degree in 2003 and quickly get to medical device software development at Diagnostiga Stago. Working fullstack on hemostasis analyzer, STAR-MAX, he develops his taste for rigorous development and associated practices related to code quality and automation (CI/CD, DevOps), under normative constraints of medical. In 2021, he felt like it was time for him to take new challenges by joining Ganymed Robotics and use his solid devops/architect/developer 14 years experience to help building an innovative product.


Created in June 2018, Ganymed Robotics ambitions to revolutionize the standard of care in Orthopedic surgery.

Ganymed develops a revolutionary active therapeutic device to assist surgeons during knee replacement surgery. Working in close collaboration with high-volume orthopedic surgeons, researchers, entrepreneurs in Computer-Assisted Surgery and Robotics, the company has filed several patents and has been awarded numerous international and national prices, such as the I-LAB contest.

With a truly innovative user-centered design and novel AI-based algorithms to perceive and extract knowledge from the surgical scene in a non-invasive manner, Ganymed improves patient outcome and surgeon experience.

What they are looking for

Ganymed is looking for scientists and engineers to take part in a technological, industrial and human adventure. Excellence is a given. Soft skills are critical too. We value kindness and intellectual honesty, openness, curiosity, proactivity and ability to work in a highly talented and driven team. “The world loves talent, but pays off on character”

Good to know

Trust, communication and transparency are important values for us.

  • You can work from home a day a week.
  • Regular meetings of strategic and technical alignments. You’ll know what everyone is up to!
  • We’re at the forefront of science and technical evolutions in our field. That means we (you?) attend conferences, publish papers and file patents. Exciting stuff!
  • You don’t want to miss our Friday drinks!

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