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Ganymed Robotics

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Created in June 2018, Ganymed Robotics ambitions to revolutionize the standard of care in Orthopedic surgery.

Ganymed develops a revolutionary active therapeutic device to assist surgeons during knee replacement surgery. Working in close collaboration with high-volume orthopedic surgeons, researchers, entrepreneurs in Computer-Assisted Surgery and Robotics, the company has filed several patents and has been awarded numerous international and national prices, such as the I-LAB contest.

With a truly innovative user-centered design and novel algorithms to perceive and extract knowledge from the surgical scene in a non-invasive manner, Ganymed improves patient outcome and surgeon experience.

What they are looking for

Ganymed is looking for scientists and engineers to take part in a technological, industrial and human adventure. Excellence is a given. Soft skills are critical too. We value kindness and intellectual honesty, openness, curiosity, proactivity and ability to work in a highly talented and driven team. “The world loves talent, but pays off on character”

Good to know

Trust, communication and transparency are important for us !

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