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Freshly Cosmetics It's an Adventure, ¿do you want to share it with them🚀? It's a digital brand of natural, healthy and sustainable cosmetics born in February 2016 with a very clear vision: to revolutionize this sector and accelerate the world's transition towards natural, healthy and sustainable cosmetics.

They have their own e-commerce and a strategy in which the customer is the center of a unique experience. They approach the development of their formulas based on the needs of the skin from an innovative perspective and they develop products that improve sustainability in their life cycle because there is only one future, one in which all products are sustainable for the planet.

More than 700.000 clients have already joined this revolution but at Freshly they seek continuous learning and they want to transmit their values, culture and work methodology to the whole world. They have set themselves a challenge: to be able to reach the homes of 1Million clients in 2021. For this reason, they are in full international expansion: they want to revolutionize the world by showing that there is a sustainable way to make cosmetics and to grow as a company!

For Freshly Cosmetics their team is the most important thing. They seek to add talent with attitude, passion and desire to change things. They believe that there is another way of working: by projects, in teams and in which each of us decides how and when to organize their responsibilities. They are committed to flexibility, to the personal and professional growth of the team and to developing a work environment in which we enjoy every day doing what we like the most.

What they are looking for

For Freshly Cosmetics, its team is the most important thing, and that is why they strive to acquire talent with an attitude and a desire to change things. They are a young team that works hard to ensure that the healthiest and most sustainable natural cosmetics reach everyone, making the Freshly experience unique.

They bet on personal and team growth, to create the perfect environment enjoying day after day doing what they like the most. They do not lack motivation and are always undertaking new projects, which is why the Freshly Team does not stop growing.

This is their Culture Code, present in everything they devise and do.

Work Hard 💪 - is responsibility, dedication, effort and commitment to each task and project of which they are part. Work Hard means doing their best in everything they do. Don't stop until you're proud

Take Risk 🚀 - means investing, launching themselves to try new things, taking risks but always with a stable base that is under their control and with their feet on the ground following the Freshly strategy. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

People First 💛 - beyond the team, customers are their priority to always ensure their satisfaction. It is not a brand-client relationship, it is a person-to-person relationship. Any contact with candidates, suppliers, collaborators or whoever has a link with Freshly is treated as part of the family. Individually we are a drop, together an ocean.

Go Big 🤟 - because at Freshly they always think big, they are not conformists and they grow at an accelerated pace innovating in new formats and strategies every day. Don't tell people your dreams. Show them.

Always Learning 👩‍🎓 - means learning from others, improving from experiences, learning together while innovating, participating in ideation sessions to share ideas, organizing internal Learn with Freshly beyond the day-to-day, always being at trends in each area supporting your path with readings, blogs, videos ... learn, learn and learn 🙂 Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

100% Have Fun 🎉 - translates to enjoying what you do and who you do it with at all times. When you work on what you love, you enjoy every day doing what you like the most. At Freshly they make sure to have a great time. Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game!

Good to know

THE EARTH IS PART OF YOUR FAMILY At Freshly they believe that if we all value and love our planet, we will move quickly and irreversibly towards products and technologies that preserve it, we will become aware of our actions and we will change. Our planet Earth is part of our family and that is why we must take care of it. Planet First

That is why behind each Freshly natural cosmetic product, there are people with passion carrying out sustainable actions and projects that contribute to a better future.

95% OF ITS CONTAINERS ARE 100% RECYCLABLE GLASS, ALUMINUM, KRAFT AND WOOD They work tirelessly to develop the most sustainable packaging for your Freshly products, using glass, aluminum, kraft and wood. That is why right now we are working on projects that will see the light of day in the coming months with a 100% focus on our sustainable packaging.

THEY USE MORE THAN 99% OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS IN ALL OUR PRODUCTS They use more than 99% of natural ingredients of responsible and sustainable production, totally avoiding the use of polluting raw materials, such as mineral oils or flammable gases derived from petroleum.

CREATE SUSTAINABLE WORKSPACES Its offices have been designed using sustainable architecture making the most of sunlight, betting on creating spaces with thermal regulation optimizing +/- 4ºC thanks to the plants, using recycled wood for the construction of meeting rooms and installing low-consumption LED luminaires. In addition, in their Freshly Stores they mostly use laminated birch wood for the construction of all the furniture, the most renewable wood from European forests.

IN THE FRESHLY TEAM EVERY MONTH THEY DO A SOCIAL ACTION The entire Freshly team is involved monthly in local social actions that the team promotes. In this last year, they have already collaborated with an animal shelter, donated 110 kg of second-hand clothes, carried out two clean ups on the beaches of Barcelona and Sitges and given inclusive toys to children without resources.

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