Founders Factory

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About Founders Factory

Our ambition is to be the world's best partner for founders.

Started by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox, Founders Factory is backed by L’Oréal, easyJet, Guardian Media Group, Aviva, Holtzbrinck, CSC, Marks & Spencer in the UK and Standard Bank in South Africa. Our platform enables bespoke support to every startup with specialist services from a full-time operations team and market access, distribution opportunities and insight from our partners. To date we have invested in nearly 90 startups and created a further 30 from scratch, together they have raised £150m in external capital and completed over 150 pilots with our partners.

We run two programmes in each location: Our studio creates new startups. We validate ideas, build founding teams, find first customers and invest directly in each startup. Our accelerator invests in existing startups. We invest cash, six months of bespoke support from our team and facilitate commercial opportunities with our investors.

Now launching in Paris, we're here to fuel France’s startup boom and will be hiring a specialist operating team of at least 50 to design, build and scale over 140 disruptive tech startups in France over the next five years.

  • Employees

    From 15 to 50 employees
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  • Sectors

    Incubator / Accelerator

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