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Fifty solves the problem of moving from 'Knowing' to 'Doing' in professional development. As the category leader in eDoing in Europe, our product enables the rapid and measurable adoption of new habits, by combining behavioural science with technology. In this way, we make training and transformation in companies more effective, to the benefit of both employees and customers.

Our HRTech is used by half the companies in the CAC 40, including Crédit Agricole, Orange, EDF and Axa, with users all over the world. We're raising $10m in 2022 from French (Eurazeo) and international (U.S. and Germany) funds. Incredible business angels have been with us from the start, including Olivier Sibony, Romain Niccoli (Pigment, Criteo) and Steve Fiehl (CrossKnowledge).

What they are looking for

We're looking for people who are ready to transform the training market into action.

These are ambitious, execution-focused people who want to ensure that Fifty's customers get the best experience in a fast-growing market. This is a key moment to contribute to Fifty's development and hyper-growth.

Joining Fifty is an opportunity to :

  • Break new ground in a brand new category, based on the latest advances in behavioural science, which has a direct impact on the management, collaboration and inclusion of tens of thousands of employees. At Fifty, our first value is the Pioneering Spirit!
  • Being part of the first 50 people to put everything in place and influence the Fifty of tomorrow. Everyone has a great deal of responsibility and the autonomy that goes with it. Our second value is linked to our mission: we have a Bias for Action.
  • Join an experienced, ambitious and empathetic team. Our third value is Mutual Support, without which nothing would be possible.

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