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Our team

Souhail is an engineer by training and spent his 9 first years working throughout Europe in the automotive industry. A native of Toulouse, he has always wanted to return to the Pink City in order to enter, one day, the world of aerospace and return to his first loves. And that's what he did by joining FERCHAU France in 2019! Hired as a Technical Expert, he is now Managing Director. This sums up quite well the opportunities offered within this structure which innovates as much on the technological as on the managerial aspect, with a policy of internal evolution which is particularly dear to his heart. Souhail's motto is "to give meaning": we are stronger when we know where we are going, and above all, why (yes, it might sound silly, but it changes everything 😉 ).

With a Master's degree in English, Florine began her career in an American company. Attracted by this international dimension, she then joined FERCHAU in January 2020. Today, as a Recruitment & Communication Manager, she is mainly in charge of two activities, as mentioned in her title. On the one hand, she finds talents and rare pearls that make FERCHAU happy all over France, and not only! And on the other hand, Florine manages the communication of the company, both externally and internally. For example, she is the one who organises the agency events and their many surprises. Moments of joy shared between employees are always eagerly awaited 😉!

Trained as an engineer in Aeronautical Structures Calculation, Olivier's daily work at FERCHAU is mainly based on the certification of assemblies and the digitalisation of calculation processes for major aerospace customers. As the focal point of mechanical calculation activities, he and his teams are able to meet the challenges that are proposed and to make the most of his qualities in order to achieve his personal goals. The evolution of his career, the daily challenges, and the transmission of his knowledge are the main chapters of his flight plan. To find out more and see him describe his activity with passion, click on the video!

With a A levels in mechanics and a BTS in industrial product design in her pocket, Angeline arrived in Toulouse in 2002, a large metropolis with many prospects. The idea of going into aeronautics was not her first possibility... This was without counting on the family imprint in the field, grandfather and great-grandfather included! In more than twenty years, she has been able to navigate, move around and gain experience through programmes such as the A380 and A350 for the aeronautics industry, as well as gaining height... on space programmes such as METOP! She joined FERCHAU in September 2022 to continue her adventures as a Mechanical Designer.

After graduating in mechanical engineering from the INSA Lyon engineering school, Aymeric began his professional career in aeronautics. Attracted by ambitious projects on tomorrow's aviation, teamwork and long-term visibility, he decided to join FERCHAU in 2022 as a Mechanical Design Engineer on a project related to carbon-free aviation. His mission: to integrate sensors on models while interfacing with our customers. A rugby fan, Aymeric joined the FTI (Flight Test Systems Installation) scrum and was able to score the trial with his good ideas!