Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Big Data, SaaS / Cloud Services

Lille, Madrid, Montréal


Feedier, headquartered in Lille's Euratechnologies, was founded in 2020 with a fundamental commitment to making feedback the centerpiece of business improvement, particularly in enhancing the customer experience.

At the outset of our journey, Feedier offered an intuitive feedback management solution, aiding medium-sized companies in actively listening to all their stakeholders – be it customers, employees, or users. It provided a centralized platform for collecting and real-time analysis of feedback data.

As years passed, Feedier embraced a more ambitious vision. Evolving from a simple feedback management platform, it transformed into a comprehensive Customer Intelligence Platform, empowering companies to transform better and faster.

Feedier's innovation lies in its capacity to centralize feedback from all conceivable sources, digest it automatically while enriching it with business data, thereby generating intuitive and actionable reports.

Taking it a step further, Feedier incorporates Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, which adeptly handles large volumes of textual data, delivering clear, meaningful improvement recommendations. It enables the analysis of thousands of feedback pieces to pinpoint issues and offer solutions.

We proudly collaborate with over 50 international companies, including names like Mondial Relay, Nestlé Healthcare, Eurex, Geodis, and others. They leverage Feedier's insights to transform feedback into actionable data, ultimately enhancing the experiences of their end-customers.

What they are looking for

At Feedier, you don't just join a company, you also join an adventure in which you become an actor of its success. 

We are constantly improving thanks to our expertise and the feedback from our customers. By joining the team, you will evolve in a challenging and stimulating environment and of course you will share with us the strong values that unite us.

4 main values adorn Feedier day after day. Humility, Collaborative, Continuously Improving and Facilitator.  These values are based on learning from each other, listening, respect, innovation and an aim to help our clients have a positive impact on our world using Feedier.

Good to know

To gather our entire team that is present all over the world, we organize Game Fiesta every month during which we can meet around an online game 💜 (we also have a coffee bean machine)

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