About Matěj

He likes to read in his free time. Mainly books by Nesbo or Hartl. He tries to interspace difficult literature with something light and he also switches between the languages. He reads something in Czech and then he switches to English. Besides books, he also enjoys movies. He likes going to the cinema but he doesn’t particularly like multiplexes. He would rather go to the Bio Oko or Světozor cinema. At work, he mostly sits behind a computer all day. That is why he always looks forward to the summer when he can take out his bike and hit the road.


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Get to know Matěj

Matěj has been working for Exxon for about a year. He is responsible for customer portfolio from the UK and Scandinavia. He is in daily contact with the customers over the phone and e-mail, processing their orders, asking for the necessary documentation, solving potential complaints and so on. Basically, he acts as the customers’ right hand and at least once a year he gets to visit them in person as well. Among other things, he trully is the company’s ambassador, holding lectures at universities and presenting the company at various job fairs, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

American Management Style

He was in the US for five years and he also worked there. When he came back to the Czech Republic, one thing he knew for sure. He wanted to work for an international company and use his English actively every day. Coincidentally, he stumbled upon Exxon’s job offer. He began to take more interest in the company and applied for the job. Once he started, he felt as if he was back in the US. The management style, the atmosphere, the entire drive of the company, everything matched except for the address on the business card. He really appreciates the approach to people who prove that they have something to offer. Everybody in Exxon who has skills gets a chance regardless of how long they have been working for the company. It was this approach which made him one of the ambassadors.

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