About Martina

She is a big fan of independent films. She frequently visits film festivals and small cinemas, such as Aero, Bio Oko, Světozor, Mat or Kino Pilotů. For the last 14 years, he has attended the Film Festival Karlovy Vary. And yes, she really goes there for the movies and not for the parties. She was blown away by Revolutionary Roads screened on one of the recent years. She always chooses what she will see in the movies based on the programs of her favorite cinemas. She watches the trailers and then she makes her choice. She is sort of a “cultural reporter” to her friends but even she can make a really bad choice sometimes. In addition, at least once a year she gets out her backpack and she sets out to explore her beloved Asia where she has become fond of surfing three years ago.


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Get to know Martina

Martina joined ExxonMobil almost ten years ago as a Credit Analyst and for five years she was buried in charts. Although she enjoyed her work, she felt she missed contact with people, that is why she also helped out with organizing various company events. Having proven her abilities, she was chosen by the management to fill in a new position that opened in 2017. She now writes articles about employees and their success, Iiaise with the media, help with recruitment campaigns and hold lectures at universities and various conferences in order to raise awareness of the company as a great employer. She literally went from a little grey mouse to the face of the company. She really enjoys devising new social media posts every day and meeting up with the representatives of the non-profits, seeking meaningful partnerships.

Just stay positive

Three other colleagues and him organize events for employees. When they organize something as big as the Christmas party, other colleagues from other departments across the company help them out. Organizing an event for 1.200 people can be challenging, but it’s also fun and creative. For him am a positive person, he believes that every event will turn out well. Of course, anything might happen and sometimes something goes wrong but it is always possible to solve the problem and there is no need to stress in advance.

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