This position is no longer available.

Beauty Category Editor - Operation

Internship(6 months)
Salary: Not specified
A few days at home
Experience: < 6 months
Education: BAC+3


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The position

Job description

  • 带领协调Beauty运营团队,高效完成日常优质美妆折扣、产品类探寻和推荐,从而达到相应的KPI

  • 对接商务团队,规划品牌折扣需求,完成品牌推广目标,提出新的合作想法

  • 对接Marketing团队,共同策划销售季活动

  • 运营数据分析

➡️ 工作地点:

  • 巴黎

  • ➡️ 合同形式: Convention de stage | Freelancer

  • Lead and coordinate Beauty Ops Team, as well as operated and explore daily discounts and new products to achieve the KPI efficiently.

  • Support and communicate with the BD department: seeking for better offers, accomplishing branding, and giving cooperative advice.

  • Collaborate with Marketing Team: planning activities for selling seasons.

  • Analyzing data of daily operations.

➡️ Place: Paris

➡️ Contract: Convention de stage | Freelancer

Preferred experience

  • 对Beauty类购物网站的品牌优势和折扣情况非常敏感,对美妆、护肤、香水类的重要品牌有清晰的认知和价格敏感度

  • 自身对折扣非常感兴趣,也非常喜欢推荐安利折扣以及各类产品给它人

  • 对Beauty品类的热门及小众品牌、产品非常了解,时刻关注该品类的发展动态和流行趋势

  • 有小团队领导能力,能够合理安排任务和布局,有比较好的沟通协商能力

  • 责任心强,做事细心,有耐心,条理清晰

  • 中文表达能力优秀,法语、英语有读写听说能力,懂德语/西班牙语/意大利语加分

  • Be very sensitive to the brand advantages and discounts of Beauty shopping websites. Have clear awareness of famous brands of cosmetics and perfumes and its price.

  • Be willing to recommend and share discounts.

Extra points:

  • Keep up with hot points of Beauty brands and niche brands .
  • Have the ability to manage team and coordinate with other teams, be able to arrange tasks reasonably, and of course have relatively good communication and negotiation skills.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, carefulness, patience, and logical
  • Excellent Chinese, English fluency required (reading and written), French/German/Spanish/Italian will be plus points.