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Prior to joining EasyMile, Benoit was with Alstom, the world leader of rail transportation in charge of global marketing and product strategy. Benoit has an MS in Computer Engineering from University of Illinois-UC, USA and a MBA from IMD, Switzerland. Benoit has worked with McKinsey & Co. and with Gemalto. Benoit is passionate about bringing new technology to market and building the future of mobility. In his spare time, he loves hiking and skiing...

Viviane has a background in electrical engineering and software development. She managed complex projects, large scale programs across multiple teams and worked on operational excellence at SOGETI High Tech. Since 2017, Viviane is responsible for a part of the R&D team at EasyMile. In charge of wide range of key transversal topics such as simulation, integration and test means, technical documentation, DevOps and CyberSecurity. In her spare time, Viviane practices pilates and enjoys fine dining.

“Developing driverless vehicle is very challenging and stimulates team's creativity. The whole team is invested in designing and implementing innovative solutions. Team spirit is very positive and allows each one the possibility to continuously learn and grow every day!”

Cedric holds an engineering Mécatronics degree from the French Technology University of Compiègne. After a stint at Fives and Cedrat Technologies, Cedric joined EasyMile in 2016 as deployment engineer and has since supported clients all over the world for EZ10. Cedric is passionate about martial art and practices Bō Staff on a regular basis and writes poetry in his spare time.

"EasyMile is a young and dynamic company where people really enjoy their varied daily work where they get to express their creativity. EasyMile is on the look at for new talents and is investing in the future."

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Pioneer in driverless mobility, EasyMile revolutionizes passenger and goods transportation.

For the past 4 years, EasyMile has developed and deployed autonomous mobility solutions worldwide based on vehicles manufactured by recognized industrial partners. EasyMile’s clients include the world’s largest transport operators, city authorities, airports, corporations, business parks, and universities.

EasyMile supplies smart mobility solutions and autonomous technologies powering driverless vehicles with existing products such as: the EZ10, a 100% electric driverless shuttle deployed in 20 countries worldwide; the TractEasy, the first autonomous electric baggage tractor jointly developed with TLD; and many other projects to be unveiled soon.

EasyMile’s team is composed by more than 160 high skilled and passionate employees specializing in robotics, computer vision and vehicle dynamics. The company has it own headquarter in Toulouse (France) and regional offices in Singapore (Asia), Denver (USA), Berlin (Germany) and Adelaide (Australia).

What are they looking for ?

EasyMile is looking for highly motivated people to build the road ahead and invent solutions to challenges never met before.

Beyond excellent technical skills, EasyMile is looking for the right attitude: ambition, creativity and perseverance. Highlighting strong values such as innovation, excellence and team spirit, EasyMile’s team keeps pushing boundaries to invent the future of mobility.

Good to know

To integrate quickly the EasyMile team:

  • Be sporty: EasyMile has its own football team, running team and trail team!
  • Be fun: board games, escape rooms, whatever takes your fancy, EasyMile has it.
  • Be creative: take part in our endless debate about the best technologies.
  • Be social: join our regular breakfasts to exchange in a relaxed environment.

On top, you’ll get hot drinks (coffees, teas) and fresh fruits. EasyMile encourages people to use public transport, bikes, and offers the possibility to borrow electric cars and electric scooters for short trips.

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