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Dreem is a digital health company specialized in sleep. Their mission: to push the boundaries of science to reshape sleep care — for the better 💤. 

With its digital sleep clinic, the team provides diagnosis and treatment options for people suffering from sleep-related disorders. A coordinated care platform that can be accessed from home, with dedicated sleep practitioners and comprehensive treatment plans. Telehealth for sleep (basically) 🏥. 

With proprietary technology that assesses sleep and guides clinical decision-making, the clinic also streamlines research & drug development programs in a broad range of therapeutic areas. Its partners include leading pharma companies and institutions across the globe, and beyond 🛰.

What they are looking for

Dreemers are all kinds of different ✨.

They have different profiles, and different sets of expertise — from embedded systems, design, machine learning, neuroscience or analytics. With a 1 person = 1 function type of structure, that kind of diversity is key. It nurtures ownership, work ethic, sense of responsibility and cross-team efforts — the secret sauce to making an impact 🥊.

Dreemers are passionate; and not just about work. They’re passionate about biking, skiing, acting, or couture (just to name a few). Together — they’re really lively. Laughter is a must; hanging out together a real plus. And they care. First and foremost about each other; and about this mission that unites them 🤝.

That's the type of person they’re looking for. But then again, they like different 😉.

Good to know

Remote-friendly with a welcoming multicultural environment 🌎 — from France, the United States, Italy, Taiwan, Russia, and more! 

Regular gatherings with company-wide meetings every week, learning breakfasts every month, group workout sessions during lunch, and weekly “dreemks” for the brave 🥂.

Twice a year, the team gets together for their Dreem Summits ⛰. Special off-sites with sports challenges, themed parties, and all sorts bonding activities (& a strict no-work policy 🏝).   

A job with real impact 😴. Are YOU ready to join the fight for better sleep?

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