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Remote policy

Long before Covid-19 impacted on remote work, at Double we had already identified that remote culture was and still is the path forward.

Offering the possibility to work remotely and flexibly allows our team members to :

  • Have a good work-life balance
  • Create their own workspace at home, or from dedicated spaces (many of our doubles work from their favourite café around the corner!)
  • Working from home but also abroad
  • Determine your most effective times of day to work
  • Distance doesn't mean loneliness, and here's how:
  • The Double app allows everyone to be in touch at all times
  • We offer monthly webinars on specific topics
  • We organise group discussions with team members
  • Our Double community and the rest of the team initiate collective activities such as book clubs, cooking competitions, etc.

Working remotely can look scary for some, but any fear disappears with Double: the sense of community is so great that you really feel like you have colleagues sitting next to you in your living room, always ready to help you and share best practices. I felt challenged and supported from day one.

Solena, Double since January 2020

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