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CRM Manager (x/f/m)

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Occasional remote
Experience: > 7 years
Education: BAC+3
Skills & expertise
Generated content
Continuous improvement
Cross-functional team leadership
Customer segmentation
Marketing automation tools


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What you’ll do

Your responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Patients Insights

Advanced Data Analysis: Utilize advanced analytics to delve deep into customer data, extracting actionable insights to drive strategic marketing decisions.

Segmentation Mastery: Develop sophisticated segmentation strategies using CRM tools to deliver highly personalized marketing messages.

Insight Distribution: Systematically distribute insights and data
-driven recommendations to local teams, ensuring alignment and optimization of local strategies with central initiatives.

  1. Patient Journeys

Journey Mapping and Tooling: Use CRM systems to design, implement, and optimize customer journey maps, focusing on automation and scalability across different regions.

Personalization at Scale: Implement personalization strategies through CRM tooling that automates adaptations based on customer interactions and preferences.

Performance Analysis: Monitor and report on the effectiveness of journey strategies, using CRM tools to adjust tactics in real
-time based on performance analytics.

  1. Transactional Communication

Centralized Management: Oversee the strategy and execution of all transactional communications from a central perspective, utilizing CRM systems to ensure consistency and compliance across all regions.

Optimized Implementation: Enhance the timing, language, and segmentation of transactional communications using CRM tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Continuous Improvement: Regularly refine communication strategies based on detailed analytics and feedback from local teams.

  1. Opt
    -in Collection and Profiling

Strategic Opt
-in Management: Develop and implement strategies to increase opt
-in rates using CRM tools that allow for innovative and compliant methods of engagement.

Advanced Profiling Techniques: Utilize CRM software to conduct detailed profiling, ensuring accurate data collection for enhanced targeting and segmentation.

Compliance Assurance: Maintain a comprehensive understanding of GDPR and other data protection regulations, ensuring all CRM practices meet legal standards.

  1. Cross
    -Channel Optimization

Tooling Management: Oversee the integration and optimization of CRM tools to ensure seamless coordination across marketing channels, emphasizing app enhancements to improve overall user engagement.

Best Practices Framework: Develop and standardize best practices for cross
-channel campaigns, particularly those aimed at boosting app engagement. Equip local teams with these guidelines to ensure consistency and effectiveness across all platforms.

Analytics Support: Provide CRM tools and analytics methodologies to local teams, enabling precise measurement and continuous optimization of app
-centric marketing efforts.

Who You Are:

  • Technical CRM Expert: You bring a strong technical proficiency in CRM systems, capable of managing complex tooling and facilitating its use by local teams.
  • Strategic Thinker with Analytical Skills: Your ability to analyze data and create actionable strategies is matched by your expertise in using CRM technology to implement these strategies effectively.
  • Leader in Cross
    -Functional Collaboration
    : With exceptional communication skills, you can bridge central strategies with local execution, ensuring seamless operation and alignment across the company.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Business, Technology, or related field.
  • At least 7 years of experience in CRM management, with specific experience in managing CRM platforms and tooling.
  • Deep expertise in at least one major CRM platform (e.g., Salesforce, Braze, Microsoft Dynamics).
  • Strong understanding of marketing automation, data analysis tools, and related technologies.
  • Proven ability to manage multi
    -regional or global projects in a cross
    -functional environment.

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